Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thankful for Mela and More

Mela, a few weeks ago, on our way out to a Fiberista meeting. She is such a happy, sweet baby. At almost 4 months, she is sitting up. A mover & shaker. Dave sends video's of her during the week to us grandparents. I love them. Much. He is a good daddy! Mela is one of the things I am thankful for this year.

Michael & Jenn after his Air Assault school graduation. I am thankful he is home this year...not in Afghanistan like his step-brother Alan. They will be travelling up from Fort Campbell on Thanksgiving day, to Cincinnati for a partial family reunion.

I just had to share this pic of a local bull. I took the pic with my iPhone and manipulated it in the BeFunky app. I really love the imagery.

Obviously my laptop is fixed! Apparently I cracked the screen when I shut a notebook in it. Dumb. Yes. So for $166 I have a brand new screen and a cleaned up laptop thanks to Matthew Lane at Your Computer Guy in Batavia. I have used him for many a clean up and he is very good. Knowledgeable. I am thankful I have my laptop back!

My sister asked me for a Chinese auction donation for St Joe's in Buffalo, Ian's high school. I am setting free "Noel"!
One of my Boho bags.

I have learned:

  1. Elephant poop is actually used to make paper.
  2. I need to loose 30 lbs. Seriously. Really. Truly
  3. I have to get up at 4:30 AM. Ugh.
  4. I miss Mary Lee.
  5. I enjoy reading these books...Delores Stewart Riccio. I could be part of their circle. Thanks Alex
  6. I cannot carry a 60 lb slab of marble by myself. My knee will concede. I tripped up the step and down we went...the vintage marble is in 5 pieces now.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Laptop is Sick....

I  making this post on my iPhone because my laptop is "sick" and in for repair. Apparently when I shut a small notebook in it, this cracked my screen.
The Carbonite trial I downloaded also fixed some whammy on it.
For $154 I can have a new screen and clean up. Better than the $500 I would have to spend for a new something. Not a good time of year for that chunk of change!
Should have back by Tuesday. Miss the little technological connection to part of my world.

Actually posted a couple listings to my Etsy shop via iPhone.
Couldn't post a pic on blog from phone pics though. Not sure why.

So I should be back up and running soon enough

I have learned:

    1. My friend Sandy has come through another medical emergency. She had a craniotomy Sunday afternoon to remove a fast growing tumor from her brain. Home already and feeling well. The ordeals she has had to deal over the last five years are harrowing. She's a warrior.
    2. Scored a vintage marble top table with black iron base at Sally Ann's for $90 last week. My new kitchen table!
    3. Carbon monoxide is flammable. I did not know that. Flash point around 1200•
    4. Melissa's 5th grade 8:1:1 special Ed class is dangerous place. She was hit again by a kid while trying to manage a fight until security arrived to take them out of classroom. Her heart is with these kids... Trying to do everything possible to help them learn.
    5. Trees on my patch of earth need trimming. $$$$$. Ugh.
    6. Mela is sitting up, bobbling head and all!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Michael's Sleeve.. his Deployment Art

Michael spent over 15 hours at an Elmwood Ave tattoo joint in Buffalo in July.  I don't have a pic to show what he came home with as a first draft on his arm, but I assure you it was BAD. Tommy, at MaddTat2, saved the day. Michael came up with the flag idea...Tommy made it war torn...Michael came up with the guardian Ange ideal....Tommy made it bad ass...Micheal came up with him as soldier...Tommy made it real. In the end Michael realized he would not have this work of art on his arm if he hadn't gone to the first place in Clarksville, TN. and had such a disconcerting outcome. This tattoo tells the story of his deployment to Afghanistan. The Apache helicopter is featured in the flag; the gargoyle is the face of evil with the angel watching over him, the soldier. He had a verse tattooed on the open area down his arm today. No pics yet.
Pretty cool.

I had Mela Friday night again! It is a joy to take care of her, a good little baby. Took her to my quilt show meeting then to Ian's 16th birthday lunch at Quaker Steak & Lube. Melissa & I were able to have a few hours of shopping time, ending with an excursion to Uncle Billy's Tuesday Morning store. She had never been. I love that store...and the family discount is appreciated. I picked up the large white cutting mat for $23!
Deal of the day.

The studio is coming along. I need to get the glossy trim paint now. What to do with the floor? Thinking. Loving it so far!

"Deployment" is on the floor in front of me. I have place a sample square with a red oil artist stick marking and a tangle of red thread under the soldier overlay. The oil stick stands out. I am leaning towards using that to denote the days that things happened on those days in Michael's deployment. This includes rocket fire, mortar fire, a flip down a mountain in a truck and rolling over and IED wire that didn't detonate.

I have learned:

  1. I like this song. "Royals" by Lorde. catchy tune.
  2. Michael graduated from Air Assault School Thursday. He has wings for his uniform.
  3. Something is afoot. Netflix is not streaming well, my laptop is super slow. ugh.
  4. Ian, my nephew is 16. He can learn to drive. OMG. 

Monday, November 4, 2013


Michael turned 25 on October 23rd. I made this PC (postcard) for him. The dial is the silk screen I made using a picture from the Army Museum on Fort Sills was for boot camp. The x's & o's thermofax screen from Lyric Kinnard, was used for the bottom section. It implies hugs & kisses. Had fun quickly making this up. I want to start making more of these. It serves as a personal work of art for those I care about.

My Fiberista group met this past Saturday at Sue's house for the much anticipated and procrastinated reveal of our first group project...Whisper quilts. Do check out the post on the Fiberista blog to read and see all about it. It was a great reveal.
Mela was a guest to our meeting! She was very well behaved, unless you count the 2 stinky poops she managed to make there.

My gramma weekend with Mela was wonderful. I had her from Friday at 5 PM to Sunday 1 PM. She wakes only once a night, loves her bath and smiles much. Pure pleasure.

While at Julie's last weekend her project was this very cool Steampunk Walrus from Frowning Frances. It is a   pattern. The best part of this was watching her come up with her own touches, such as the copper washer glasses paired with the swirly bead lenses. The strapping was made using leather from an old dog bed. I love the sailor hat she found in her stash, adding grommets and an old part from an old clock for the whirligig on top. He is a work of art!

How cool is he?!

So I FINALLY started the long dreaded paint job in Michael's old room for my sewing room. I had to clear the way for a mattress and box spring. The ceiling was like an arch nemesis. I don't recall painting one before, although I am sure I must have...maybe I am blocking it out! I got the paint, roller and plastic drop clothes out and after 2 hours and 2 coats of paint the ceiling looks fresh and clean! I need to buy wall paint now. I am actually contemplating white. I have been searching web for cheap flooring projects to cover the very old linoleum in there. I need to search my belongings and Pinterest for storage repurposing opps now.

I have learned:

  1. Dexter on Netflix. I love this show. Season 2 up next. 
  2. David Sedaris' new book, Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls...as always his satirical wit makes me laugh out loud.
  3. Michael will be repelling from a helicopter this week before he graduates from Air Assault school. This is the boy that was afraid of heights all his life. 
  4. Shop Etsy for the holidays...you can even check out my vintage shop!