Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sun Printing

Sun printed today! I haven't done this before. Fun! Julie was selling these at her Red-Dog Enterprises booth at the GVQC quilt show. She gave me a pack to play with! Sunny day + this kit = awesome!
The Steampunk imagery kit came with all you need, except the glass and cardboard. I dissected a framed picture for that~!( The treated fabric was in the house, in the bathroom, with the blinds drawn, in foil, when I took this pic..Not sure if I needed to do that, but I did.) You simply layer cardboard, treated fabric. pattern printed on acetate, then glass.(there was many images included in the kit)  Put in direct sunlight for 5 minutes, rinse out chemical on fabric........hang on line to dry....voile.
These were my favorite images....especially that eye! This is the coolest fun you can have in 15 minutes~!

Yesterday was Melissa's baby Mela shower! It was very nice. Good food. Great company. She got almost all she needs. And the cake...

Sweet & delicious!
Melissa & Dave. Such a pretty couple. Mela has every gene to be beautiful!

These precious, aromatic, vintage roses grow in a tangle of my front, side yard. They have been one of the outdoor treasures on the property housing my 113 year old house. Peonies, lupines, tulips and iris also reveal themselves yearly.

Some treasures have not fared as well. I had a friend cut down this tree a few years ago. The stump shows what contributed to its demise. Looks cool though.

A perfect, warm, summer Sunday.

I have learned:

  1. Missy, Dave's sister, made seed filled paper pulp hearts for the favor at the shower. I love that idea. They were sweet. I planted a few today. (yes, Kelly swiped some left behinds from the table for me! Thanks Kelly). I look forward to seeing what pops up.
  2. Ruzzle. Addicted. Perturbed I don't beat Dave. 
  3. Michael is getting a sleeve tattoo as I write. It is Army related. Look forward to seeing it. 
  4. Melissa is 35 weeks pregnant now. Mela's arrival is right around the corner. To say I am ecstatic is an understatement! 
  5. Sometimes I watch bad movies just to hear a brogue. True. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Big Leaf and Show Favorites

I have loved the Big Leaf from the first time I saw Pat Pauly's quilt below.
So when I learned she was teaching this class at the GVQC Quilt show, I knew I had to take it. She provided us with the enlarged pattern, all the hard work done! We used freezer paper as pattern pieces and a design wall to preview our composition.
Connie and Vinnie had registered for the class too~! It was fun to share the time with them and my new Canadian friend, Karen.
I am chomping to get this project out again! I do see a couple fabrics that will be replaced, but I am happy with the way the Big Leaf is shaping up!
Pat is a truly exuberant woman. Talented and driven. I love her work. I mentioned before that I like quilts that reflect the maker. I want to look at it and see what makes them tick.
Pat made "George" using the same technique...enlarging her pattern, then making a pattern from freezer paper. This assures that the scale is preserved. Check this out...
I wish I had the dimensions. It was large. There is no mistaking George Washington's partial mug from a dollar bill! Surprisingly, this quilt only got an honorable mention in the art quilt category, but we must remember this was judged by a few people so of course it would depend on their point of view. I am sure we will be seeing this accepted into a gallery show or international show. Love it.
The following quilts were some of my favorites. I did photograph the labels for the maker's name...but I can't read them. Sorry in advance.
....and of course I can't read the label in this pic. Great quilt.
A Big Leaf!
I am quite certain this one was made by Janet Root, a very gifted, kind woman.
I was really enamored with this piece. It had layers of sheers and other fabrics making up the lion's head.
As you can see, my idea to take pics of the labels has not worked out that well...I can't read them!
Unmistakably Pat Pauly. One of her mummy bag quilts. Love.
I believe it is Barb Kondolf that made this cool piece. She had more than one.
This pic is a bit blurry, but it is another Kondolf.
Very modern.
These two quilts were created by Mary Louise  G. They were in response to poems written by an author she knows in Rochester. I know one of them will be on the cover of the published book of poems..not sure about the other.
Sue Donovan made this textured wallhanging in silk. It is luscious.
I am sure this a grouped exhibit from a class maybe? They were painted and stitched, then mounted on stretcher bars. I love the hand work.
One of Marcia DeCamp's Jet Trail quilts. I love these colors.
Donna is a felting fiber artist. This was her entry for the Nature Behind Bars challenge.
Julie Brandon's digitally created and printed on fabric quilt. The verbiage is a personal response to the tragic death of her husband Bob two years ago. He is pictured in the upper corner. Lovely.
My friend, Elaine's entry is to the left. It won Best Interpretation of Theme! It is a pic from a garden she loves, printed by Julie at Red-Dog Enterprises, with organza overlay at the top of music.

These are only a few of the quilts I loved. I was so entangled in Iron Quilter that Saturday and Pat's class all day Sunday, that I didn't get to SEE the entire show.

I have learned:

  1. The Ott light I won in Iron Quilter is awesome! I should have had one of these years ago. 
  2. James Gondolfini. 51. Cool person. Excellent actor. RIP
  3. Darcy is officially an 8th grade graduate! Next year, Mount Saint Mary's. Proud of her.
  4. NoNo. Anyone try it? Why don't we talk about the fuzzy facial hair women of my age start to experience. Lower estrogen levels to blame. I hate it. 
  5. My friend, Martha, has started fostering kittens this year. She gets them through to the time they can go to shelter to be adopted. See one of the babies crawling on her back! They like to play with her long braid. I think what she is doing for these kittens is so commendable. 
  6. Take a look at the Iron Quilter second hand....Ken Reek, Margaret's (a participant) husband, did an wonderful job with pics and commentary on the entire experience. So if you missed it.....take a look NOW!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

I Do Miss My Dad...

My Dad, on the right, with his brother, Jim, on my parents wedding day. He was a great looking Mick, with blue eyes and a pleasant brogue. Mike Darcy had two daughters, me, and Noreen (Noni). He never minded not having a boy. My father worked two jobs when we were young. Everyone loved him. He was generous and kind. I still miss him. He died suddenly, nine months after my mother died of cancer, almost 10 years ago. He was 66.
So to celebrate Father's Day today....I cooked bacon! He would cook breakfast every Sunday throughout our childhood and bacon was the highlight. We loved it! When I had my kids, we would go to Papa's house for breakfast many a Sunday morning and we looked forward to that bacon. Mmmmm. I do love bacon.

Yesterday was guild day. We had a workshop afterwards with Marija Vujcic. She showed us how to do her easy bargello process with ombre fabric. Great fun! I used this print I had Red-Dog Enterprises do up on cotton a while ago. The tri-color lends itself to the bargello process.
So far...
I inserted what will be a 1/4" black to grey ombre strip between each strip of football fabric. This piece will stand on its own. Liking.

Today was my first do-nothing day in a while. I did have plans to sew, stitch and create. What I did do...relax on my comfy couch, with my cats laying nearby, watching CSI Miami on Netflix! I will take a long, hot bath in a bit and read some of my book. I needed this day.

I have learned:

  1. How to add a Pinterest button to my header so I can pin things I see that aren't pin-able. I also made a board today of my own creations. 
  2. Not all are happy for the success of others. 
  3. Julie Brandon also has a piece accepted into the Raining Cats and Dogs exhibit in Houston!
  4. Wegman's is being encouraged to build in Genesee county. Danny Wegman conceded its true. Yes please.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Whoohoo~! Accepted into Special Exhibit at Houston This Fall!

My little buddy has been accepted into a special exhibit at International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston in the Fall! The Festival Awareness Project 2013 is called "It's Raining Cats and Dogs".
Julie, the Red-Dog Enterprises-picture-to-fabric printer, suggested I send it in. The last day to register was just before the GVQC quilt show (when I was feverishly finishing this quilt and the 2 Boho bags). I literally finished him, took the pics and submitted just in time! Julie Brandon & Val Schultz had a piece in the last shows special exhibit in Houston. Only 30 quilts were accepted. I am pretty excited.
He was originally named "Live Free". When I took the class with Julie, I added LIVE  FREE to the image. It ended up being cut away, so when I entered him in the GVQC show, I called him Spot. Yes, original. I am not one for long, overdone names. He is "Live Free", as he should be with his American flag on his chest.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

CQ Boho Bags

"Kiss Me". My Pat Winter's pattern for a Boho bag. The toad and the Fairy begged for a Princely kiss!
This is the bag that won 2nd place in the wearables category at the GVQC show last weekend, which included a $50 cash prize~! I spent that and more on Marcia Derse fabrics at one of the vendor booths!
The bag is quite roomy. I will be using it~~!
A flower motif cut from a larger cotton crochet piece, with silk ribbon and a blingy vintage button.
Love the newer line of baubles at Micheals Craft Stores. Arti Cakes. I dyed the cheesecloth stitched behind the pendant in Val Schultz's immersion dying class last summer.

The fabric I used for the lining and pocket of bag, has had a lengthy life with me. I found the cherub toile fabric for $6 a yd 17 years ago. I bought enough to make and clad my old windows in curtains with them in the apartment I had with my son & daughter in 1997-2003. When I bought this old house in 2003, I employed the curtains as a shower curtain with the addition of large grommets. I replaced that last year with a white Target beauty, but of course knew the cherub fabric would be reincarnated! Perfect for lining! I will be using this fabric til the very end of its life~!
I made another Boho Bag simultaneously. It is called "Sweet Noel". The image I used is a wintry little girl. I have a close friend that had a sister named Noel. She drowned in the Tonawanda Creek in Batavia at a young age. It just fit. The colorway is not my usual and I did have a harder time working on it. It is still a beautiful bag.
Some close-ups...
The lovebirds are a hand dyed lace from Ravioli Dreams from my sweet friend, Nicki.
I thoroughly enjoy working on CQ projects. There is a real creative element involved in every piece. I would be happy to entertain a commission if you care to preserve a special memory.
I finally finished my last obligation to HGTV RRRR today! I have been working on this row between the show quilt finishing. I made hexi wreaths from the focus fabric. Stitched to WOW fabrics and finished with more WOW's to make a log cabin block. There are over 20 pieces per 6" block!
Here are all the rows thus far..
She has a wonderful Christmas Holiday quilt in progress~! Love it.

I have learned

  1. Child labor is awesome~! Ian & Darcy weeded, mowed, cut and dragged tree limbs and moved boxes upstairs for me in the last 2 days. Appreciated!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Link to GVQC Quilt Show....607 Quilty Things to Peruse!

This is a link to the GVQC quilt show last weekend! It is worth a look. I do believe it was posted by Beth Brandkamp.
This is Val & Julie's booth. They deserve an award for most inviting and homey! I was at their booth both days to get a great photo on fabric! Red-Dog Enterprises.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Iron Quilter at GVQC Quilt Show at R.I.T. FUN!

"I Know Why the Uncaged Bird Sings". This is what I came up with in 3.5 hours at the GVQC quilt show this past weekend, at R.I.T. The them..."disappearing act". The door on the birdcage is open. The bird is doing his own disappearing act!
I participated in this event 2 years ago and had a blast. I loved the whole experience and looked forward to doing it again. This time they gave all of us ONE theme instead of a dozen to choose from. I think it made the results more interesting for the audience. And yes, people sit and watch and gather at the end to see who wins! Nothing came to mind that second, but on the fabric table (we get to choose from a heap load of fab on tables to work with) there was this Monopoly fabric. The little Monopoly man had wings and he was flying from an open birdcage. Hmmm. I can work with that!
We have to have a completed piece in this time frame, meaning quilted and edging done. 
One of the fabrics I brought (we could bring three 1 yd pieces) was a Pat Pauly shibori dyed. I cut it up, sewed with a smidge of blue between rows, added the thread sketched birdcage on an upholstery sample and used the lines in the shibori to machine quilt it. The feathers you see were in the design so I went with it and quilted them in. The bird silhouette was fused and stitched and I did a pillowcase edging. Voile! The fellow contestants were all are most of the other pieces. (I think two are missing...they weren't up on the boards when I took pics and quickly disappeared when event was over)
Anne was the winner with her excellent interactive quilt! The zipper goes up and down to be a true "disappearing act"! Very clever. 
Liz channeled the Wicked Witch...melting!
Janet made disappearing circles.
Diane's piece was a take on disappearing log cabins. I really liked this one. She is going to rework it. It will be great.
Carol's quilt was awesome too. Cities taking over the land.
Joyce won third place with this piece! I wish I could remember what her thought process was. Sorry.
Nancy's quilt was a comment on the disappearing Midtown in Rochester. She used snaps and matchboxes to embellish it!
Linda Bachman's quilt is beautiful. 
Elaine Ross made a leaves disappear. You can't see her quilting in this pic, but it is what makes it.
I wish I could remember all the explanations. I can't. It's a great piece though!
Peek-a-Boo. Sweet.
Sue Donovan made open circles with thread work in them. Nice!
Anne's "Tornado" was very cool. She decided to turn it the other way around after the show. 
Beth was nervous, but she had no reason to be...I love her leaf piece! 
And Louise, who is a dear person, made an adorable cat's tale/tail quilt. 
 I apologize that two are missing.
Aren't they all fantastic!? Only 3.5 hours from announcement of theme to finished piece! Phewww. Fun! What wonderful work done in that time frame...congratulations to all these talented women. 
I am the lucky winner of a tabletop Ott light. I needed one! Thank you for a great time and fun day Marcia and Jeanie~!

Val & Julie, Red-Dog Enterprises, had the prettiest booth at the show. An outdoor canopy, with lights was erected, complete with rug and curtains. You know, it matters. 
They are the one's that print onto fabrics, know, the thing I am addicted to?! They were printing on 8.5"x 11" fabric at the show. All you needed was a pic! What?! Of course I was there both days for my prints! They had a TV with running info on the classes and retreats at Julie's house on Lake Ontario, with pics of various prints made...and Michael and Jenn made the cut!
"The Kiss"
If you have not checked out the possibilities of printing onto fabrics and using them in your work, I urge you to check it out. Play in or other free photo fixing sites...and order a print from Red-Dog. You will not be disappointed.

I have learned:

  1. Karen from Ontario, Canada, showed Connie, Vinnie and I this domestic trick......on the sides of aluminum foil, saran wrap, freezer paper etc., are push points. If you push the tabs in, the roll stays in the box. Simple. I never knew this. It was revalational. 
  2. Indian food...yum. What a nice dinner with good friends Saturday. Good food. Good convo. 
  3. Mela will be here in less than 7 weeks! When I break it down and think about it....a life, a new Everett, a sweet baby making her way from womb to world, it is astounding. She has a full head of hair apparently!
  4. RUZZLE. Like Boggle. I am addicted. Good thing about this app is that you can play practice games.
  5. Roots of teeth rest in sinus cavities, causing intense pain for whatever reason that very closely mirrors a horrible toothache. Constant medicinal assistance needed. .
  6. Michael and Jenn have a Military Ball next Friday at Opryland in Nashville.Look at this place. Nice.