Thursday, June 20, 2013

Big Leaf and Show Favorites

I have loved the Big Leaf from the first time I saw Pat Pauly's quilt below.
So when I learned she was teaching this class at the GVQC Quilt show, I knew I had to take it. She provided us with the enlarged pattern, all the hard work done! We used freezer paper as pattern pieces and a design wall to preview our composition.
Connie and Vinnie had registered for the class too~! It was fun to share the time with them and my new Canadian friend, Karen.
I am chomping to get this project out again! I do see a couple fabrics that will be replaced, but I am happy with the way the Big Leaf is shaping up!
Pat is a truly exuberant woman. Talented and driven. I love her work. I mentioned before that I like quilts that reflect the maker. I want to look at it and see what makes them tick.
Pat made "George" using the same technique...enlarging her pattern, then making a pattern from freezer paper. This assures that the scale is preserved. Check this out...
I wish I had the dimensions. It was large. There is no mistaking George Washington's partial mug from a dollar bill! Surprisingly, this quilt only got an honorable mention in the art quilt category, but we must remember this was judged by a few people so of course it would depend on their point of view. I am sure we will be seeing this accepted into a gallery show or international show. Love it.
The following quilts were some of my favorites. I did photograph the labels for the maker's name...but I can't read them. Sorry in advance.
....and of course I can't read the label in this pic. Great quilt.
A Big Leaf!
I am quite certain this one was made by Janet Root, a very gifted, kind woman.
I was really enamored with this piece. It had layers of sheers and other fabrics making up the lion's head.
As you can see, my idea to take pics of the labels has not worked out that well...I can't read them!
Unmistakably Pat Pauly. One of her mummy bag quilts. Love.
I believe it is Barb Kondolf that made this cool piece. She had more than one.
This pic is a bit blurry, but it is another Kondolf.
Very modern.
These two quilts were created by Mary Louise  G. They were in response to poems written by an author she knows in Rochester. I know one of them will be on the cover of the published book of poems..not sure about the other.
Sue Donovan made this textured wallhanging in silk. It is luscious.
I am sure this a grouped exhibit from a class maybe? They were painted and stitched, then mounted on stretcher bars. I love the hand work.
One of Marcia DeCamp's Jet Trail quilts. I love these colors.
Donna is a felting fiber artist. This was her entry for the Nature Behind Bars challenge.
Julie Brandon's digitally created and printed on fabric quilt. The verbiage is a personal response to the tragic death of her husband Bob two years ago. He is pictured in the upper corner. Lovely.
My friend, Elaine's entry is to the left. It won Best Interpretation of Theme! It is a pic from a garden she loves, printed by Julie at Red-Dog Enterprises, with organza overlay at the top of music.

These are only a few of the quilts I loved. I was so entangled in Iron Quilter that Saturday and Pat's class all day Sunday, that I didn't get to SEE the entire show.

I have learned:

  1. The Ott light I won in Iron Quilter is awesome! I should have had one of these years ago. 
  2. James Gondolfini. 51. Cool person. Excellent actor. RIP
  3. Darcy is officially an 8th grade graduate! Next year, Mount Saint Mary's. Proud of her.
  4. NoNo. Anyone try it? Why don't we talk about the fuzzy facial hair women of my age start to experience. Lower estrogen levels to blame. I hate it. 
  5. My friend, Martha, has started fostering kittens this year. She gets them through to the time they can go to shelter to be adopted. See one of the babies crawling on her back! They like to play with her long braid. I think what she is doing for these kittens is so commendable. 
  6. Take a look at the Iron Quilter second hand....Ken Reek, Margaret's (a participant) husband, did an wonderful job with pics and commentary on the entire experience. So if you missed it.....take a look NOW!

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