Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sun Printing

Sun printed today! I haven't done this before. Fun! Julie was selling these at her Red-Dog Enterprises booth at the GVQC quilt show. She gave me a pack to play with! Sunny day + this kit = awesome!
The Steampunk imagery kit came with all you need, except the glass and cardboard. I dissected a framed picture for that~!( The treated fabric was in the house, in the bathroom, with the blinds drawn, in foil, when I took this pic..Not sure if I needed to do that, but I did.) You simply layer cardboard, treated fabric. pattern printed on acetate, then glass.(there was many images included in the kit)  Put in direct sunlight for 5 minutes, rinse out chemical on fabric........hang on line to dry....voile.
These were my favorite images....especially that eye! This is the coolest fun you can have in 15 minutes~!

Yesterday was Melissa's baby Mela shower! It was very nice. Good food. Great company. She got almost all she needs. And the cake...

Sweet & delicious!
Melissa & Dave. Such a pretty couple. Mela has every gene to be beautiful!

These precious, aromatic, vintage roses grow in a tangle of my front, side yard. They have been one of the outdoor treasures on the property housing my 113 year old house. Peonies, lupines, tulips and iris also reveal themselves yearly.

Some treasures have not fared as well. I had a friend cut down this tree a few years ago. The stump shows what contributed to its demise. Looks cool though.

A perfect, warm, summer Sunday.

I have learned:

  1. Missy, Dave's sister, made seed filled paper pulp hearts for the favor at the shower. I love that idea. They were sweet. I planted a few today. (yes, Kelly swiped some left behinds from the table for me! Thanks Kelly). I look forward to seeing what pops up.
  2. Ruzzle. Addicted. Perturbed I don't beat Dave. 
  3. Michael is getting a sleeve tattoo as I write. It is Army related. Look forward to seeing it. 
  4. Melissa is 35 weeks pregnant now. Mela's arrival is right around the corner. To say I am ecstatic is an understatement! 
  5. Sometimes I watch bad movies just to hear a brogue. True. 

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