Sunday, June 16, 2013

I Do Miss My Dad...

My Dad, on the right, with his brother, Jim, on my parents wedding day. He was a great looking Mick, with blue eyes and a pleasant brogue. Mike Darcy had two daughters, me, and Noreen (Noni). He never minded not having a boy. My father worked two jobs when we were young. Everyone loved him. He was generous and kind. I still miss him. He died suddenly, nine months after my mother died of cancer, almost 10 years ago. He was 66.
So to celebrate Father's Day today....I cooked bacon! He would cook breakfast every Sunday throughout our childhood and bacon was the highlight. We loved it! When I had my kids, we would go to Papa's house for breakfast many a Sunday morning and we looked forward to that bacon. Mmmmm. I do love bacon.

Yesterday was guild day. We had a workshop afterwards with Marija Vujcic. She showed us how to do her easy bargello process with ombre fabric. Great fun! I used this print I had Red-Dog Enterprises do up on cotton a while ago. The tri-color lends itself to the bargello process.
So far...
I inserted what will be a 1/4" black to grey ombre strip between each strip of football fabric. This piece will stand on its own. Liking.

Today was my first do-nothing day in a while. I did have plans to sew, stitch and create. What I did do...relax on my comfy couch, with my cats laying nearby, watching CSI Miami on Netflix! I will take a long, hot bath in a bit and read some of my book. I needed this day.

I have learned:

  1. How to add a Pinterest button to my header so I can pin things I see that aren't pin-able. I also made a board today of my own creations. 
  2. Not all are happy for the success of others. 
  3. Julie Brandon also has a piece accepted into the Raining Cats and Dogs exhibit in Houston!
  4. Wegman's is being encouraged to build in Genesee county. Danny Wegman conceded its true. Yes please.

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Elaine said...

Love the Bargello look with your unusual fabric. IT WORKS! Can't wait to see it finished!