Sunday, June 9, 2013

CQ Boho Bags

"Kiss Me". My Pat Winter's pattern for a Boho bag. The toad and the Fairy begged for a Princely kiss!
This is the bag that won 2nd place in the wearables category at the GVQC show last weekend, which included a $50 cash prize~! I spent that and more on Marcia Derse fabrics at one of the vendor booths!
The bag is quite roomy. I will be using it~~!
A flower motif cut from a larger cotton crochet piece, with silk ribbon and a blingy vintage button.
Love the newer line of baubles at Micheals Craft Stores. Arti Cakes. I dyed the cheesecloth stitched behind the pendant in Val Schultz's immersion dying class last summer.

The fabric I used for the lining and pocket of bag, has had a lengthy life with me. I found the cherub toile fabric for $6 a yd 17 years ago. I bought enough to make and clad my old windows in curtains with them in the apartment I had with my son & daughter in 1997-2003. When I bought this old house in 2003, I employed the curtains as a shower curtain with the addition of large grommets. I replaced that last year with a white Target beauty, but of course knew the cherub fabric would be reincarnated! Perfect for lining! I will be using this fabric til the very end of its life~!
I made another Boho Bag simultaneously. It is called "Sweet Noel". The image I used is a wintry little girl. I have a close friend that had a sister named Noel. She drowned in the Tonawanda Creek in Batavia at a young age. It just fit. The colorway is not my usual and I did have a harder time working on it. It is still a beautiful bag.
Some close-ups...
The lovebirds are a hand dyed lace from Ravioli Dreams from my sweet friend, Nicki.
I thoroughly enjoy working on CQ projects. There is a real creative element involved in every piece. I would be happy to entertain a commission if you care to preserve a special memory.
I finally finished my last obligation to HGTV RRRR today! I have been working on this row between the show quilt finishing. I made hexi wreaths from the focus fabric. Stitched to WOW fabrics and finished with more WOW's to make a log cabin block. There are over 20 pieces per 6" block!
Here are all the rows thus far..
She has a wonderful Christmas Holiday quilt in progress~! Love it.

I have learned

  1. Child labor is awesome~! Ian & Darcy weeded, mowed, cut and dragged tree limbs and moved boxes upstairs for me in the last 2 days. Appreciated!


Suztats said...

Lovely, Lovely, Lovely!

Pat Winter said...

Congratulations on winning a prize for your boho bag.beautiful job on both. They are fun to make and fun to carry. Well done.

Emmy Hartwick said...

Kathi! I love these. Didn't know you were working on anything like this! Can't wait to see them in person! (Yes, I missed the quilt show). :-(

jelly andrews said...

I guess there is no wonder why you won the 2nd place. It is really beautiful. And it is all worth it. Congratulations!