Sunday, March 24, 2013

Caring Quilt for Lori and Mela in Utero!

   My little art quilt group, ArtCGirlz, made this quilt for one of our own. From top left, Mary Ellen, Susan, mine. Second row from left: Elaine, Betzh, Martha. Third row: Mary Lee, Susan, Emmy. Fourth row: Chris, Sharon, Martha. I sewed them together with the black sashing, Martha basted it and Elaine quilted it. A real collaboration. We thought it was very interesting that the quilt ended up having 2 stars, the 2 butterflies, 2 linear blocks, 2 hearts and of course, Susan's 2 T blocks. Lori loves it and it is comforting her when she needs it.

Meet Mela Ann Zaporowski! It's her first picture. I am amazed by this! Her eyes are open, her sweet little lips are formed, and a button of a nose. She looks serene. Melissa is providing Mela's first "apartment", and apparently she loves it. I cannot wait to meet her, hold her, in less than 4 months! July 28th due date. You can already see she is beautiful and ready for us!

Yesterday I went to see my Ice Crystals quilt hanging in the show at Lower Mill Gallery in Honeoye. When Elaine, Martha, Mary Lee and I arrived around 11:00 AM, there was a shower going on in the room. We couldn't see most of the exhibit and worse yet, hot, steaming serving containers were placed on a table directly in front of two quilts. Disappointing and surprising that an art gallery would carry out such a plan.
We soothed and abated our woe's by indulging in Tom Wahls and Chestnut Bay Quilt Shop. Burger, fries, homemade root beer and fabric!

I made a few quilting stitches in Bullseye. Oh no. Unsightly bearding from the batting. Having spent over two hours basting this, I don't relish the thought of doing it again. I will try quilting with silk thread, using Thread Heaven. Maybe the thread will glide through all layers, leaving batting inside.

I have learned:

  1. In my 34th year of employment, I have become the first female Executive Board Member on my union local. Of course I was the first female Stockkeeper in this local as well. Much to learn. Look forward to it.
  2. Mela is 22 weeks this week. I loved being pregnant. I love seeing my daughter pregnant.
  3. Caponata. Yummy Italian made with eggplant, tomatoes and onion. 

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