Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snow Dye Fab....Union Jack block for Row Robin

I have fallen in love with hand dyed fabric over the last few years, but I have been so hesitant to invest in the Mx Procion dyes, the soda ash and the synthrapol. It just seems like so much to deal with. So I bought 3 packets of Dylon at Joann Fabrics instead. I wet my fabric (way too much I  might add) and put into a large rectangular bin, stuffed snow on top of it, then sprinkled the three colors over the snow. I had Scarlet, Olive and I think it was Ocean blue. I really love how it turned out! Washed and dried and ready to go. I am going to snow dye two white aprons I got at Sally Ann's for .99 cents each next for me and my sister. Easy way to get that snow dye look. Rit dye would work just as well.

Spent a few hours this morning finishing my row for the Row Round Robin on HGTV. It's a version of Union Jack block. I am trying to get some people in my guild to interact by doing one of these. So far 6 people. including me, are signed on. We have over 100 members. I don't understand why people don't take a chance to collaborate with fellow quilters.
The butterscotch, red and aqua blue is an appealing color combination. I cannot wait to see what my HGTV friends come up with for my other rows! I know it will be spectacular!

Melissa is doing well. We have passed the 3 month mark. It has been confirmed that 95% sure it is a GIRL!
I want a little girl~! Olivia is still in the running. Mila has been introduced. Stella remains a contender. My vote is Olivia for the record! Thinking of having a granddaughter in less than 7 months is pretty exciting. Last night I met Melissa and Dave's 2 1/2 year old, Sophia, my friend Sandy and her daughter Lauren at Olive Garden for dinner. Sophia is so sweet and beautiful.

I have learned:

  1. My return to work has been better than expected, but body is aching all over! 
  2. Netflix=Crossing Jordan. Loving this right now.
  3. Chester, my beloved old coot cat, died at home Tuesday. I am grateful he did this for me. I had made an appointment at the vet for 4:40 PM. I was burying him at home by that time. He was just short of 18 years old. 
  4. I made 7 sales in less than three weeks from my Etsy shop!! 

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Colleen Anderson said...

Kath...nice snow dying piece! Inspired me so I went out this morning and now have a container of colored snow sitting on my picnic table! I have never done this before so we will see. I used 5 different colors of some sort of tie-dye dye that I have had around for a long, long time. Pretty excited to see the outcome. I am thinking I may want to do something with just one or two colors in the future...thanks bunches for the inspiration! axel