Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Image Transfer etc....

I spent some time making samples of image transfers, to a lightweight canvas and a hard back canvas, yesterday.. I had volunteered to show my little art quilt group how to do it. I am not an expert for sure, but have used them in some of my work and love the different texture it adds to a piece. This is a great image of a menacing little bird I covertly tore from a magazine in a waiting room. It was so cool, I had to have it. I made copies at Office Max, because apparently laser copies are best for this process. He is about 4" x 5". I love the scratchy, worn Polaroid look of this transfer.I used Golden Fluid Matte Medium, which is a thin medium that makes the process quick. This cute little pecker will add interest to something soon! 

Face Timed with Michael, from snowy Afghanistan, this morning! I haven't "seen" his face in real time since August, so getting to talk to him and see his smile was priceless. He is in a new platoon, with more responsibility, and of course, he loves that. We are about half way through his deployment. 

How cool is that!
Here he is as a little guy....
I was showing Jenn some old photo's when she was home at Christmas. She took pics of them and created this one in an app on her iPad. You can't tell, but his hair was orange then, like a mini Leprachaun! We were in Disney World  and it had been a long, hot day for a little one. He needed some down time, away from the frazzle, so I took him to a little pool for a cool down. Good memory.

Melissa is 11 weeks and 3 days along already! Monday she had had another sonogram to make sure things were ok. Here is the little creature as Melissa would say!

There she ( hopefully) is. A life forming, and ours transforming. My only daughter is gestating my first grandchild.....her (hope again) first apartment! It is truly an interesting time.

I have learned:

  1. Back to work on Monday. Human Resources exists for the company, not the employee. As expected. I am apparently being thrown back to THE wolf. Hard to believe this goes on in 2013. 
  2. I opened an Etsy shop. I have thought about it for years. Inspired by my friend Nicki of Raviolee Dreams shop, I opened Pearl Street Vintage. After Melissa told me gramma Dee had sent a message on a Ouija board....KATHISJUNK...this summer, I knew what it was all about. Crazy? No, not if you knew Dee. And it wasn't Kath is was Kathi's Junk. Sell some of the cool things I have collected. I need to learn my way around Etsy, but I need to start somewhere! Check back often!
  3. Counterterror NYC from National Geographic. Very interesting documentary about the security measures in the city. What a world. It is available on Netflix.
  4. I want an ipad. I don't want to want one. I just do. It's a lot of $$$. I hate wanting things.


tisme said...

Kathi, when I click on your link for your etsy shop, I go to the sign up page for Etsy, lol, you might want to check into that. How am I going to shop??

Thearica said...

So glad you got to see Michael while you talked to him.

Congratulations on your Etsy shop! I hope it goes well for you!

I searched for your name in Etsy and found this is your link..


I will have to visit often to see what you have new!

Martha Lorshbaugh said...

Thanks for sharing with us!
I love your blog- always makes me smile. Sorry about work, though.