Sunday, January 20, 2013

Annual Challenge Reveal

Again, I forget to get a good picture of a project that I handed over for a bit! This was the BOOK Bag I made for my guild's annual challenge....Literary, anything having to do with a book. With the help of Alex, her mom, Dorothy and her father, I was able to get copies of vintage Agatha Christie paperbacks. I settled on Agatha Christie because my mother used to read them, as well as me, when I was a kid. I had a little trouble making the copies onto fabric (I am very challenged with many computer operations). I managed to copy 4 with multiples of 3. I decided to go with it!. Last weekend I picked up the book front copies and the discharge fabrics I made recently. I know I wanted to make the bag. Winging it, I came up with this. (A strap was added after this pic). I will actually use this bag!
Yesterday was the guild's reveal of the annual challenge. WOW. I am always blown away by the talent and projects everyone that participates comes up with.
My friend Elaine made this beauty.
Martha made this....I will have to get good close ups when this one is hung.
Mary Lee thread sketched a picture of her and her siblings on her grandfather's lap.
Lori made this based on books about a country doctor.
Her daughter, Bethany, made a Harry Potter piece
Mary Ellen made this tiger pattern herself. It was based on a poem.
Chris paper pieced this colorful quilt (in American Quilter magazine I believe)
Melanie made a useful ereader bag using an old Nancy Drew book cover
Gloria surprised us all with Fifty Shades of Grey!
Cynda, my lovely mail lady, made this gorgeous piece based on a book about the sea
Dodie's Princess and the Pea is dimensionally delightful!
Alex made this James and the Giant Peach piece that will hang on her son's wall,
It has come to be my favorite meeting of the year. I love seeing what everyone makes in response to a challenge. It is so exciting!

I have learned:

  1. Craftermath: (noun) The clutter left lying around after you finally make the thing you found on Pinterest, but I would substitute any project. My sewing room looks like a craftermath disaster right now!
  2. Second sale from my Etsy store today!
  3. Cholesterol up 10 to 273 in 3 months. On a statin, again.
  4. Netflix....The State Within & Mistresses, both British shows, very good.
  5. Mumord and Son's has new music. Excellent.
  6. Return to work. Hoping things remain on the upside for the next 3 years.
  7. Melissa's gestation is moving along and the nausea subsiding.


Thearica said...

Love your bag!! I have the materials to make me one to use to take orders to the post office. Hope to get to that in February.

All of the challenge pieces are fantastic! I love that Fifty Shades of Gray quilt! I wish our guild would do challenges. they are so boring! I made a mention of having small bees within the membership this year and you should have seen the dissention start to fly.. they are just set in their ways... hmpff!

I have to do a Nancy Drew piece for a blog hop in March. I wonder if your friend is in that hop too?

Emmy Hartwick said...

Always enjoy reading your blog! Stay warm this week in our frigid weather! Emmy

Emmy Hartwick said...

Always love reading your blog! Stay warm this week in the frigid temps! Emmy

Char said...

congrats on the Etsy sales!!