Wednesday, December 5, 2012

On the Menu...My Nature Behind Bars

This is my quilt for an exhibit my friend's, Val and Julie, are curating. The theme of the show is Nature Behind Bars. My piece is called "On the Menu". I started with the bar codes. My bars. The cow is, of course the nature.

I found a bar code image online, had it enlarged to two different sizes at Office Max, then used Fluid Acrylic Medium to transfer the images to canvas. Fun and fast. Took a bit of time to get the paper pulp off the surface.
Found this awesome cow image online and had that enlarged. More than once. I went back three times to get it right! Here are my first and second tries. Cool, but way too small.

I traced the cow onto tracing paper and thread sketched it onto the bar code background. It needed to stand out, so I painted it red. Still needed definition, so I took a black oil pastel and smudged it around the cow. The red thin lines over the bar codes represent the laser that reads the codes. Adding zipper tape gave the piece an edge and brought the dimensions to the minimum 18" side!
I loved working on this and look forward to handing it over for show tomorrow.

There is a new junk store in town! It isn't even open yet, but I was alerted by a fellow junker that we could go in an peruse the goods.
I had to have this....

It is a precious small dresser, old mirror...fits perfectly in my bathroom with the hexagon tiles I had installed last year. I will be going back there soon! Love!
Sophia, Melissa's boyfriend Dave's daughter. I took this pic a while ago, played with it in and got to this. I love it. Printed it onto 8.5" x 11" fabric. Will be doing something cool with it.

Michael has mentioned a few times how much he misses Batavia, so today I spent a few hours about town today, taking pictures of points of interest for him. I printed them out at 2" x 3", four to 4" x 6" photo. At CVS I choose Collage. I love these little pics. I have 95 images ready to mail to him tomorrow.

My sister, Noni, or formally Noreen, turns 50 today! I welcome her to the club.
Here she is with Ian at Thanksgiving in Cincinnati, at our cousin, Tracey's. Ian looks forlorn...but I assure you he was not! He is a funny kid. I caught him off guard.

I have learned:

  1. Malimic. Darcy, following in my genetic predisposition to coin words to explain more specifically an idea, came up with this when she was trying to come up with malignant. 
  2. Last season of ER on DVD. Excellent. Liked how they brought a lot of old characters in and showed what some other characters were up to. ER has a special place for me. Watched for many years. It is so sad to see a show that grew along with you, end. 
  3. How to make a stocking this way. The only mistake I had to rectify was the tab. I put it between wrong layers.
  4. Check out these quilts. Modern quilts


Colleen Anderson said...

Kath~it seems your creative mojo has returned after surgery and deployement of son and moving of daughter this year. Alot in one year! Great to see your lovely pieces flowing.

Char said...

I love your blog, you're so creative with your writing and your stitching!

Char said...

PS - On the Menu is awesome!

Rebecca Lynne said...

The nature behind bars piece is awesome! How did other people like it? And the link to the modern quilts is awesome, I hope you don't mind if I share on my blog. We should do some of these with WNYMQG!