Monday, December 3, 2012

Ice Crystals Progress

I am beginning the 1/2" hexi placements on the Ice Crystal piece. After a trip to Home Depot for 2 pieces of 2' x 8' insulation board, duct tape and some no pill fleece from Joanne Fabrics, I spent an hour making a design board. I needed it for this piece. I have to pin the hexagon's in place and see the whole composition from a distance. It is perfect. I am happy! Here is a phone picture of the lower left part of the quilt. I love how the hexi's are giving it dimension. I plan to sew the hexi's together by hand and sew them to the quilt by machine.
There is a new junk shop in town! They are not even open yet, but I was alerted by a kindred junker that I can go in and look around. I saw this primitive, little dresser...peeling paint and all, in a corner. Love at first sight. The little old mirror is covetable. It is at home in my little bathroom, with the hexagon tiles I had installed last year. Looking forward to what I might find next there!
At our last Little Art Quilt group meeting in November, Sharon led us on a Decolourant journey. I loved it. I used stencils from a book called Stencil Me In by Martha Le van. The sculls are in the book, along with many other cool stencils. The O's was an old brass stencil. The decolourant process is unpredictable and exciting! Initially the blue fabric revealed a light violet. The longer I ironed it, the lighter it got. I will definitely be doing more of this.
I was able to actually talk to Michael this morning! Just as I was sending him a FB message, he called. I am sure you can imagine how it makes me feel to talk to him. I keep X-ing the days down. I will get a pic of my Deployment project soon. Jenn has one going too.
This is a work of art! She will seal it and save it as permanent record. I love this so much. I am very anxious for June, when Michael will be back.
I decided to let the blog debacle go. Apparently Blogger has an issue with this. It should not have been so easy for me to remove the entire list. It will be a work in progress now.
I have a big day tomorrow and a nice big stress zit at my nostril to show for it. I am doing something I should have done a long time ago, but I am a very slow boil. I need to ruminate on things for a long time before I decide to act. I also have my annual mammogram. I am sure I mentioned at some point, my mother died from breast cancer. I do what I must.

I have learned:

  1. I am not done knitting. Thought I was. Gave a lot of yarn away. Good rhythmic therapy.
  2. Watching last season of ER. Loved that show. 

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