Sunday, December 30, 2012

NYC Christmas

THE Christmas Tree. Rockefeller Center. This is the back side (but who would know?) because to see it from the front, one would have to be willing to wait and wait and wait with a hoards, of people who MUST see THE tree from, obviously, the front.

Still being quite the gimp on this left foot, we were limited to how much walking I could do. We took many taxi's, including Mr. Black Sedan Man that charged us $25 for a 10 minute cab ride. Time out for lunch in a little Italian cafe in the Village, Thai for dinner and wine break in Manhattan...good time with my best friend, Pam and her daughter Sarah!

Union Square was a treasure trove of desirable material goods. I bought a scarf in this booth. Sarah bought a different one here.
Adornable baubles.
Sarah got this cute wool hat!
I love this pic of this building with the fire escapes and the steam rising...
Our subway station came out at the new trade centers. Stopping and taking in the location, thinking of 9/11, was eerie. Sarah's apartment across the river, looks right out on them.
At night they are lit up like this.

Sarah is home now, trying to figure out how she can realize her dream of living and working in the City.

Missed Michael much over the holidays, but he is doing very well. They had planned competitive activities on Christmas day and a nice meal, including sparkling juice as a substandard stand-in for the real thing. He is the 3rd from right, second row, the handsome soldier with the sunglasses on.

Got to talk to him that morning. Jenn is in town, so we have been spending a lot of time together. Brings us that much closer to him coming home!

I am working on my Ice Crystals piece. Hand stitching next.
Also made my Whisper Quilt for the Fiberista's challenge.
Figuring out my guilds literary challenge due in January.
Starting a Row Robin on HGTV message board, so need to make 12" blocks to mail out by end of the month.

I have learned:

  1. Les Miserables is excellent movie. Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway were award worthy intense. 
  2. Once soundtrack. Great.
  3. Bella. Nice, teary little movie.
  4. Going to try baking soda and water mash to scrub my 51 year old breakout face. Why? Do. I. Still. Get. Zits?
  5. All time high on the scale this morning. You know what that means? Yep, The old cliche resolution will be called into play. 


Emmy Hartwick said...

Loved reading about your NYC trip and about your family . . . I am amazed at how much artsy stuff you are always doing!

Emmy Hartwick said...

Loved reading about your NYC trip and seeing the fantastic pix...maybe some art quilts based on these photos? Happy New Year to you, Kathi!

Martha Lorshbaugh said...

I'd love to visit NY some day- with someone who knows their way around!
Like you, my skin is getting worse the older I get. Off to the dermatologist.....