Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hey Michael! & RiffRaff Group is Born!

I am not a fan of pictures of myself, but this is like a "Hello" to my son Michael. He can check my blog to see what's going on in my little life! So with my precious chubber, Fiona, sleeping at my back, while I stitch away on 1/2" inch hexi's (total to date: 265!) as I was downloading pics from the first meeting of a RAFA subgroup, I thought I would do the long-arm-pic all the kids do for their phone pics. Yes, Michael, Jenn, Melissa & Dave...I admit Fiona is, well, fat!

Along with myself, Sue, Stephanie, Frances and Beth met up for our first time at Beth's lovely house. We did a show and tell that acquainted us with each other. We are going to make a group blog at our next meeting and calling our group RiffRaff. Love it.
Beth is multi talented. She has made jewelry and books. We were all in awe at a bin full of great handmade books. I was especially partial to this Celtic knot cover. I know she told me how she did this, but I was so involved in looking at it all that I forgot!
This was a page inside. I love the glass monocle type bit over the eye. I have a couple of them. That would be a great idea for a pendant.

Stephanie had many inspiring pieces, but I especially loved this guys head! It is from a small art quilt that has actually inspired our first group project. She is lucky to have a mother and sister that do what she does. This piece was her quilt that she passed to them to make a small quilt using it as inspiration.
We are calling it a Whisper Challenge. Each of us will make an 8 1/2" x 11" piece that will in turn inspire the participants to make a piece using it as the inspiration. I love it. Depending on how many end up doing it, we have 7 committed right now, it will be a story. It's an exciting project!
Stephanie also took a class in Arizona with Liz Kettle and showed us the things she made there. Using a picture printed on fabric, various fabrics and hand stitching, as well as machine stitching and overlaying a sheer, they are awesome. This was my favorite.
Frances is the most traditional quilter in the group, but she is ready to stretch herself and start working smaller and artier. So you can imagine how delighted we were to see this...
Frances showed this awesome quilt at the last RAFA meeting. I love this quilt!
Sue is in another subgroup I visited a bit ago. We made copper necklace and earring using alcohol inks. (need to get picks of those) She is moving from traditional to arty. I loved this flower piece she made using a photo.
Notice the gems on the petals to signify dew drop.
I was very happy to get the feeling that all at the meeting yesterday are dedicated to making a Saturday group work. It would be nice to see a few more come on board, but it is a wonderful group of women!
One of the best things that I have done is to actually join RAFA. Thanks to my friend Elaine for letting me tag along! I am finding people that love what I love and make it happen. It's like finding your home.

I have learned:

  1. Don't miss cancelled cable at all. I have Netflix. I am very into the BBC shows....Doc Martin, George Gently, The Book Group, Vera, The Commander and Inspector Lewis. I am talking to myself with an English accent!
  2. Rented the first season of Empire Boardwalk. Very, very good. 
  3. Writing an artist statement for a show of my little art quilt group at GoART! in November. No time to make new pieces, so going through some things now. We did a show there a few years ago. We have more people in our group now, so it will be a bigger show. 
  4. Sarah, my best friends daughter, is living in NYC right now, working for HSBC. Hurricane Sandy is heading her way. Media frenzy. I am a bit concerned. Hope it all looses steam on the way up the coast.
  5. You can get a free scanner app for your iphone for many agencies in your area. Like. Reminds me of when I was a kid. My dad had a scanner in the kitchen. He would get crystals that would let him listen to area police. He would have loved that app!

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Martha Lorshbaugh said...

Cute picture! I love the long arm self portraits.
Your mention of a group blog reminds me the ArtCGirlz had one. We really should make use of it!