Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pockets for Melanie Testa!

"your story, lets tell it!" The first pocket for Melanie Testa's Flattie Awareness campaign. It kind of brings in to the picture that her husband is so supportive. Silk pocket and vintage lace.
Velvet pocket with thread sketched writing.
A cut from the UFO art quilt that made an appearance on Quilting Arts TV for some advice for finishing....I love it in pieces!
I needle felted a pretty rose chiffon scarf to felt and hand stitched this one. It's the one for my mom.

I will be mailing these tomorrow to help Melanie make her 1000 pocket goal. I loved making these pockets and the sentiment they convey.

My friend Tracy showed me how to do English paper pieced hexagons. I love these! They work up so fast...great TV watching project...easily transportable. I made 35 last night using the fabrics I hand dyed myself in our resent guild workshop. They are gorgeous.
Hexi's are everywhere right many sizes from small to very large. I found this link to print your own in 2 sizes, free, from Texas Freckles. I used regular copy paper, works great. These are addictive!

I have heard from Michael enough to keep the dots of safety connected in Afghanistan. he has asked for Christmas twinkle lights and fake mustaches! Ok. He has his own shacky room now. I do miss him much.
Jenn, his wife was here last week. She kept me company for a few days. Home to Fort Campbell yesterday, to start her middle school art teacher job tomorrow.

Melissa and Dave moved to Buffalo over two months ago. They love it, despite waking up Thursday morning to her two driver side tires removed, wheels and all, from her Cobalt. They even left the jack. Could have been worse....all four. The police said happens all the time. Sucks.
On a good note, she loves her teaching job in Buffalo! I'm very proud of her.

MRI on the foot this past week. The lump is still there.

I have learned:

  1. I have good, caring friends. My art quilt group, in adopting Michael while on deployment, filled an entire box with goodies this week at our meeting. I received the second block for the quilt that I will put together for him once he's home from Elaine. Martha made last month's block. It is a way for me to count the months as they each make a block a month. I truly appreciate them.
  2. My sister has enlisted help in getting Michael what he needs over there as well. Truly appreciated!
  3. How to play Canasta. I love it. I want to play right now!
  4. Cancelled cable. Too much negative, moron television on. Not worth time or money. Do have Netflix.
  5. Love Doc Martin, a British show. Disappointed when I finished all of them. New episodes coming soon. 

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Melly Testa said...

Kathi! Thank you so very much for participating in my project! I pinned your pockets to my pinterest board with attribution to your blog.