Tuesday, October 23, 2012

SPC Michael Everett 24 Today! (Quilt show album link too!)

My favorite picture of my son and daughter, Michael & Melissa. Michael turns 24 today! No cake, no special dinner in Afghanistan. At 8 this morning I missed his call....at 8:05 I was so happy he called back. In my quick swing from disappointment to elation and our subsequent full conversation, I said to him," there was something else I was going to say"....of course it was Happy Birthday~! But that dawned on my cobweb brain after we hung up! Ugh. His first review went well and as I expected, he is doing well all around. He loves to strive to succeed. Always has. He's nursing a cold, as the weather turns cold there also.
Melissa turns 30 in December. Wow. 30. Such good looking specimens I created!

I made a Snapfish album of our entire quilt show if you want to take a closer look. It is worth a few minutes!

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