Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Brown bag Challenge

My guilds 2nd Brown Bag Challenge. I had to use a natural colored coffee filter...traced the birdcage on it and stitched using as pattern, left inside cage. An unusual fabric was the second prompt we included...the gauze under the bird. I used green floss to cover the washers that were also in bag. I used the wine cork (in bag) to stamp the black circles.
A tassel, the cat fabric, the dryer sheet (I dyed with DynaFlow dye), were in the bag. This is also where I worked in the 1st prompt...Add a straight line. Oh, and the whiskers are from a gold cord in the bag.
I was one of the people responsible for gathering all the unusual bits for the challenge. Elaine and I admittedly made it quite a challenge. We had over half of the participants finish and what an creative bunch of projects! Seeing what others do, especially the ones I know that have a hard time going outside the box, is just thrilling for me! I give kudos to every brave woman!
I did hand quilt it..you can see a little of it in the sun streak. My sister likened it to Sylvester and Tweety. I don't like cartoons, so it will just be called "Harmony".

With the quilt show coming up in October, I think we will wait for the new year to run another challenge. We all have much finishing to do!

I have made much progress in the Leaning House challenge Thearica is hosting on HGTV message board. Loving it! I have quite a bit of work to do yet, but this could be a favorite for me. I have til August 15.

What a beautiful summer we are having. My little deck has been my living room every day, sitting out there reading. The bee's and hummingbirds are frequent visitors, checking out the trumpet vine blooms. 

Waking early and stressing about going back to work is already plaguing me. Being away from the unfortunate management treatment of employee's has made me realize how hard it has become to deal with the daily grind. Literal grind. Like a mortar and pestle. 3 years, 8 months and 1 week, minus vacation and holidays...til I am retired. In my 33 years I have never known the company to harbor and encourage anyone like this guy. I do however, remain hopeful he will get what comes around. 

I have learned:

  1. Michael will be deploying to Afghanistan on September 3rd or 5th. He is glad to do his job. I am thinking like the mother of the boy that I comforted years ago.
  2. Melissa had an interview in Buffalo for Special Ed in elementary grade level. Hopeful one of the many schools in the city call her.
  3. Good Friday evening really talking with Sandy. She continues to feel well. 
  4. The Glass Castle. Good read. 

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Colleen Anderson said...

hello my friend! Looks like you have been getting a bit of creating in while recuperating...hope the heel is doing as you wish.

Think of you often...Colleen