Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blue Star Service Flag

I ordered a Blue Star Service Flag today from the American Legion. I will be hanging it in my front window soon. Michael is set to deploy to Afghanistan next week. This is much sooner than I had anticipated when he left for boot camp on February 7th. His bags are packed. Not sure if it will be Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. It is naturally, causing me much turmoil. He will be there for 9 months.
This emotional drain, coupled with my impending return to work in a few weeks, is taking a toll on my usually good coping skills. I have realized just how difficult it has been to deal with a vengeful manager for the last few years, that now has put me in his cross hairs. I am anxious about what will happen next.
With all this on my mind, the five weeks since my last post have slipped by.


Diane said...

I will have your son in my thoughts and prayers - and you too. It's awfully hard being deployed, but it's also hard for those left at home.

Don't forget to plan a play day with us - screen printing the easy way. Hugs, Diane

Colleen Anderson said...

Kath, thinking of you and your loving children at this time. Keep the faith, dear one. And try to keep stitching...

Quiltingnewbie said...


Hang in there !! I will keep Michael in my thoughts and prayers ! Hope that you are doing better too !