Sunday, September 9, 2012

Digital Pics on Fabric

I played with this sweet picture of Jenn & Michael at the wedding in June, in Befunky.com I can't remember what all I did to it, but the last thing I did was the cartoon feature. It turned it into this colorized, dotted image. I loved it. I had Julie Brandon, of Red-Dog Enterprises, print it onto silk organza. It is approximately 40" x 36". The first pic shows it still on the paper backing so you can really see the enlarged image. The second pic show the sheer fabric as I started to peel it from the paper. This will be finished as a wall hanging with some thread work for their place in Fort Campbell. I did order one for my own however. I want to be able to enter it in a show. I just love how it turned out. 
"Live Free". This piece was the result of a class Julie teaches. We spent wonderful, relaxing time making collages on playing cards. The small card lends itself to quick work of it. I love collage, so this part was as exciting as the printing part. (I have spent time at home making many more collages, that's how much I enjoyed it!) Julie then takes our collage and scans it into the computer, to be manipulated in Photoshop. After a short demo of the program, we were let lose on our creation. It was not an easy navigate in Photoshop. I found a few things to change up the little buddy and I was good to go. I really love how he turned out! Very graphic. I have a few idea's for him. He is also approximately 40" x 36". He was printed onto cotton sateen. If you go to Julie's website, Red-Dog Enterprises, you can see where to order your own prints. Highly recommend. There are many fabric finishes. I find, or any free online photo site has enough options for me. 

Today I spent a few hours at Diane's, learning how to make a silk screen using Mod Podge, an embroidery hoop and organza. 
It works! You can see the dried glue around the two feather images, courtesy of Design Matters TV. (I subscribe to this video/tutorial/informative site. Worth every penny. Love it)  I didn't buy the right organza I guess. It has a shimmer which must affect the traced line of the fine line Sharpie pen. My line bled, making seeing the image edges difficult. I will find the correct stuff to make more of these. The entire process is easy and enjoyable. Diane had even made a print from hers. It looked great. I will try to pull a print tomorrow. Thanks Diane.

Michael is in Bagrame, Afghanistan for a few days of training, then into the mouth of the beast as he said. The time difference is 8 1/2 hours ahead of us. He called late Friday night, and it was so good to hear his voice. I knew this was going to be an obviously emotionally difficult time . It is. I have a constant current of concern, like electricity, with surges of intense, overpowering, consuming worry. Have not come up with a good coping skill for this yet. 
Of course my imminent return to work feels, to me, like I will be entering a war zone, albeit, one with no tangible weapons. Unless we count my boss' files on employees as weapons of mass destruction. We have seen him destroy over the last few years. I am a target. I am not a young man. That may be my demerit. 

Melissa is officially a Buffalo Public School teacher. She started in her 1st grade class this week. Loves it. I know she has great things to do with these kids. Her and Dave are settling in to their relationship and their new place in Buffalo. My urban daughter is home. 

So I continue with PT. The foot is not 100%. The swelling in the arch is still pronounced. I see my Dr. Thursday. 


Martha Lorshbaugh said...

OOOOH, so you tried the silk screening! Now you can show me! :-)

Kathi said...

You always amaze me with all the projects you finish and start. I checked out the site for the prints on fabric and think I might try having a collage made of some of my laces printed on cotton.

The house must be so quiet with your babes gone. It's tought at first but you'll settle in. Don't worry about Michael as from what I can tell he is a strong willed guy and can take good care of himself -he doesn't need mom worrying so much.

Hope PT kicks in and gets your foot back to 100%. I just got the go ahead to start 22 PT sessions - so not looking forward to being pushed and pulled into a pretzel.

Thinking of you! Comment from Nicki Lee