Sunday, July 1, 2012

Vintage Quilt & More...

This is just a portion of a vintage quilt I have hanging on my clothesline, airing out in the yard. It is truly beautiful. I ended up taking it home after our guild meeting in May. Someone had left it on our "Free" table. No one took it. I did. I left it in that bag for weeks, til one day I thought of it and pulled it out. It does have an unpleasant odor. I need to check out ways to clean it and purge that odor. If you know of a way, let me know. This quilt may be the inspiration for my next quilt using....these hand dyed fabrics!

Yesterday my guild held a dying workshop with Val Schultz. It was awesome! I have not dyed fabrics using Procion dyes before. I have used Rit Dyes and Koolaid! Each piece is approximately 1/2 yard, so I have many yards of very usable fabrics. I can understand how people get hooked into the dying thing. Some people used Mason jars and were able to get two colors in a piece of fabric. Mary Lu made a most wondrous piece that had a mustardy yellow and aqua. I covet it! Val left the remaining mixed dyes with us so we all are going to gather again soon to make more delicious fabrics. Thanks to Tracy and Lori, our workshops chairs, for scheduling this inspiring class.

I have been off work for a couple weeks. I had Heal Release foot surgery to hopefully eliminate the painful affects of Plantas Fascitiis. I am lugging around a glamorous black cast with crutches. My bathing routine is interesting, as I have had to keep the foot out of water. But, I can drive! It is not my right foot, thankfully. Using crutches is a tiring endeavor. I have weeks of recovery left. Yay! 

Jenn's 24th birthday was this past Friday. Her and Michael celebrated in nearby Nashville. After buying her a pair of  cowboy boots, they spent the night visiting the honkytonk's, including Coyote Ugly where Jenn danced on the bar and somewhere else that drew Michael to the stage 4 times to sing country karaoke! Jenn sent a was the best thing I have ever seen! 
I finally made Jenn the bag she has been asking for using the fabrics I bought in February. They were Old World. I made the Charlotte (called this because she's the one that has shown all of us how to make the bag at guild)! bag. Not a good picture since I had to use my phone. Apparently I left my camera in Pam & Jim's car last weekend. 
I especially love the surprise of the lining fabric. These bags are relatively easy to make, but look complicated. Very useful. Jenn loved it.

I am taking advantage of my time by finishing my many UNfinished quilt projects for the fall quilt show. One quilt bound and sleeved....check. A couple more sleeves to tackle, a little more binding on my jacket and a few quilts that need more attention. I also have at least two items to complete for out silent auction. Tracy and I are in charge of that. The proceeds from it go to the VA in Batavia. We accept any handmade items. 

Mary Lee showed us her latest picture quilt a bit ago. It is her and her sister when they were young. It is incredible. She is a master at this technique. I love this. Notice the dimension on the dresses. 
There are pics of Noni & I floating around that look just like this!
Check the shoe detail.
Mary taught us the process earlier this year in a guild workshop. I need to revisit my piece.

I have learned:
  1. Phoebe in Wonderland a charming movie.
  2. Kill the Irishman, an excellent movie based on a true story in the mid 70's Cleveland. Mob wars.I love Mob stories.
  3. Machine Gun Preacher, another story based on true life. Gerard Butler was the catalyst for picking that one, but a very interesting movie.
  4. I need a couch. I have had a loveseat only, for over a year. Found one on Macy's on sale. I am a little hesitant however since Fiona tends to scratch. Thinking....
  5. Finally closing on my refinancing tomorrow. I began the application in March. Going from 6.25% to 4.1%. Happy in the end. 
  6. Your reminded you live in the country when awakened by a fox/coyote catching/killing a rabbit outside your bedroom window. Disturbing.
  7. "Somebody That I Used to Know" Love this song...more for the playful sound than for the lyrics, but the lyrics are universal...we have all been there.


Jayardi said...

• • • Wash with baking soda or vinegar to eliminate the odor. I would recommend the baking soda and let it soak for at least an hour.

Martha Lorshbaugh said...

They make odor removers pots for campers and such. I get them at Valu home center. Just tie it in a bag with one for a couple of days. Worked for the vintage tops we had a few years back!

JodyC said...

Beautiful vintage quilt, hope the odor removing suggestions work. LOVE your dyed fabrics something I've been wanting to try.

Cute bag, is the pattern/instructions available?