Wednesday, July 18, 2012

creating my own free-form quilt

I have been looking at this book, create your own free-form quilts,  by Rayna Gillman for a little while now. Well, I bought it and read it from front to back. I already work the way she encourages us to...intuitively....improvisationally...with no plan when you begin. I was first exposed to a similar process in Nancy Crow's class 2 years ago, the making of "fabric" from other fabrics. Nancy Crow actually had formula's and we were more precise, using width of strips measurements. Rayna Gillman is more carefree. I love carefree! I love that she asks you to combine commercial fabrics, hand dyed and your own painted, altered fabrics. I grabbed all of them and sewed a dozen segments up in no time. If you look closely, I have used my own hand dyed fabrics, discharged fabric, painted and stamped fabric from a workshop, Nancy Derse fabrics and hand dyed fabrics I bought. Don't know what I will do with them. Rayna calls sewing these segments, therapy. Stitch some up and save them for just the right project.

Thearica challenged us on the HGTV message board, to do something with this picture...
Hmmmm. I signed on many months ago. Then I UNsigned up two months ago. Well, my name was still on the list, so I thought about it. I did have an idea. Will it work? I'll try. Trace, enlarge....and.....I can't say what I did next! I can say I like what I have done so far. The stickler here was that it had to be 36" x 36" minimum. For me, that is large. I do have the top done. I rather like it!

So You Think You Can Dance has stared another season. I love this show. Every show has at least one memorable routine. Shazam, the free iPhone app, is called in to duty at least 3 times per show. Good music. I love Amelia for the female winner. Will is adorable and I am hopeful he improves each week to be the male winner.

My foot is healing nicely after my heal release surgery to relieve pain from plantar fasciitis a month ago. I have a shoe on at all times now, no more big, luggy boot. I am still using crutches, but can put 80% of my weight on it. When I don't put my shoe on for my nighttime bathroom run, the incision pulls and I walk on the outside of the foot. The heal is still very sore and tender. I am attributing that to the trauma of slicing a bit of the muscle out.

Michael and Jenn are getting in to a routine as newlyweds at Fort Campbell. Michael has been informed he will be deploying in 2-3 months, to Afghanistan. This is his job.

Melissa has an interview next Tuesday with Buffalo public schools for a Special Ed position. We went shopping to get an interview outfit today. In my heart I know she belongs in an urban setting. She would be an asset to their program.

I have learned:

  1. Project Runway starts another season tomorrow night! Yay.
  2. How to use itunes and download a CD to itunes to put on my iphone. 

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