Sunday, June 15, 2014

2014 Allentown Art Festival

Love these funky earrings and necklace. One of a kind and I "see" the artist in them. I put them on immediately. She shared with me a blog that she shares with like minded artists called (Can't hook up to the link on my iPad, sorry) 

'Twas' a perfect sunny day for Sandy, Carol,Lauren and myself to spent five hours! I was especially pleased to see new exhibitors. I skipped last year partly because things seemed same old-same old. Good time. And mmmm the Lloyd's taco truck....taco....delish. 

Mela, my little precious, has a few issues due to congestion...ears, nose, sinus and eyes all troublesome. Melissa and Dave took her to MASH in Buffalo this afternoon to get her attended to. On the mend now. 

Michael and Jenn are traveling back to a Fort Campbell, KY, as I write this. I won't see Michael til next year since he deploys in October and next time I see Jenn at Thanksgiving in Cincinnati, Maddie will be 4 months old, not in utero! Always good to have them around, but I know they love their southern home. 

For fun,here is a manipulated pic of my heliotrope in front garden. Blooming is over now. 

I have learned:

1.  Those little four packs of White Russians and Mudslides...mmmmm. I love the brown bottles too. Cleaning them up for the wedding in July!

2.  My friends, Val and Julie have a new challenge for a show up. I am thrilled. I need that to get my thoughts and creativity going. I also pulled out my improv sewn cross piece from retreat in February and started moving that along. 

3.  Continental School of Beauty in Batavia. Excellent.  My color and cut were monitored closely by an instructor...the price was a third of a salon in city and I am pleased! I'm sold. 

4.  The Army Sgt, Shaina Schmigel, that died in Fort Bragg during an training jump, was waked in Batavia (my city) last week. The military representation in front of the funeral home and the flags lining the road brought tears to my yes and a heavy heart.  Buried down the road in next town. Sad. 

5.  Weight Watchers?  Again?  I think I must. Ugh. 

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