Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cool App for that

I like finding new apps to enhance creativity. mybrushes pro app is very cool. I only played on to for a short time and came up with a bit I really like. 
Isn't that fun! This created with little knowledge about the app. I look forward or coming up with some other useful designs. 

I wish there were an app to keep you posted about apps that you would be interested in specifically. That would be helpful!

Tomorrow night I get to bring Mela home with me. Good thing she understands  NO now! My Fiberista group will have to endure her on Saturday. I'm sure they will be ok with it. 

Michael will be going to Fort Bragg on May 15-23. He is working to get chosen to be in a civil affairs in the Army. 40% chance only. He will give it his all. 

I have learned:

     1.  "The age of miracles" by Karen Thompson Walker is a compelling read. I have 40 pages to go.  
           It's definitely fatalistic so far. Hoping it is just a parable of the times. We will see. 
     2.  My sister, Noni, is acing her classes online with Empire College. Proud of her. She is one
          Busy woman with work, two high schoolers and and 2 jobs to keep them in private schools. 
     3.  Craftsy class , Quilting with your walking foot from Jacquie Gering is very good. We'll worth
           Money and time. 

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