Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ready for GVQC Quilt Show

My dog is done. I left it for the last minute and had to get him done! So I spent ALL day yesterday doing that.
I quilted the lab...
It looks like the dog...that's good!
Stitched him to the quilted background.
This is the quilt I put on Julie's longarm quilting machine last month. Not bad for the first time!
I pieced that back as usual. I loved a pieced back. Mucho.
He has been delivered (thanks Elaine) to Rochester for the GVQC quilt show this weekend.
I also finished two of Pat Winters Boho Bags for the show...I literally sewed the last seam before
work this morning! I do work better under pressure. I always get it done.

At the show this weekend I will be participating in the Iron Quilter competition again. I can take 3 one yard pieces of fabric, threads and embellishments. We are given a list of themes at 10:15 AM, pick one and formulate a plan, then get to work! We have 3 1/2 hours to make a small quilt, finished! I loved it last time. I like to work under pressure. We will see how it goes!

Trying to get into Pat Pauly's Big Leaf class on Sunday. Of course....I wait...til last minute....

If your able to make it to the show...do! Almost 600 quilts to appreciate, at R.I.T. in Rochester.

Michael is HOME in Fort Campbell! He returned from Afghanistan last Tuesday night. What a relief it is to wake up in the morning, knowing he is on American soil. He is acclimating well and has already adjusted to the 9 hour time difference. Jenn is adjusting to cooking again! Thank you for all the thoughts over the last 9 months. Priceless.

Mela is 4 lbs now. She has a full head of hair apparently. She is already beautiful! 2 more months!
Isn't she precious? Just waiting patiently for her entry into the world. I asked Sophia, "How do you think Mela breathes in Issa's belly?"
"Good", she said.
Of Course.

I have learned:

  1. Saving Grace was excellent. If I mentioned it before, I hadn't seen the final episode yet. Great.
  2. Another sale tonight on my Etsy vintage site! I am enjoying the endeavor of saving "junk"!
  3. The war on the woodchucks under my house yielded 2 raccoons, 1 woodchuck and 1 possum. So far. I
  4. Prerogative. I know this is how you spell it. I looked it up. It's just a jumble.


Emmy Hartwick said...

Your dog looks great! Love the stars around him. Good luck at Project Iron Quilter.

Thearica said...

Your quilt is fantastic! and the quilting rocks!

So glad your son is back in the USA. I know you are sleeping better at night.