Saturday, April 6, 2013

Image Transfer Party!

Today, at Fiberistas monthly meeting, I showed the girls how to do an immediate image transfer using Golden's Fluid Matte Medium. I did another bird as the demo. Sue shared one of her own pictures of a rose with me and Julie let me have a butterfly image. I love each one! We had a blast with this.
Beth used black and white and I love them. They have a nostalgic feel.
Diane's image is very cool. Looks good in color and B & W.
Julie used a copy of a picture she took of this precious little girl. I really like the edges and some crackles she got in it.
Frances had great success using a magazine image. The top image is of a bunch of canoes. Her turtle looks great too.
Terryn used a pic of her handsome dog.
Val had awesome steampunk images. I believe she said they were once free Dover images. I covet them!
Julie had success also.
Sue used one of her own flower image and a cool B & W tree image.

We all ended up having successful results. We did realize that the weight of your paper copy makes a difference. A thinner paper is better than a heavy paper. Diane used Kona cotton and her transfers came out great, so a canvas or duck cloth not necessary. Ink jet images work, not just laser jet copies. We all liked the vintage, aged quality when not all of image transfers. This a quick, gratifying way to transfer an image to use in art quilts, mixed media or even scrapbooking.
Lunch with Diane, Julie and Val spent talking about creative idea's and endeavors. Always inspires me. I love talking "shop" with minds that work as openly and varied as mine.
Last stop, the bead store! Picked up some unique beads and baubles.

Dear Tim Gunn,
Who is responsible for choosing the designers in the current season? They did not do a good job. The only interesting designer, Michelle, is on the hook right now. Patricia? Really? no. Mustache man? no.
Enough with the team challenges too.

I will be visiting Jenn in Tennessee soon. I don't know how long Micheal will be stationed at Fort Campbell, and Paducah is 45 minutes away, so to the big quilt show we will go!

Mela is growing! My granddaughter is growing, Melissa is really showing. Sophia likes to lay on Mela! Last night, while Sophia was in the bath, she told Melissa that there is a duck that talks in the shower and he knows daddy and Melissa. Hairspray turns your hair to glitter and makes you a princess. Daddy is going to buy a pink house and build them a zoo in the yard. I love child chatter! When Melissa was little, I would sit in the bathroom with a cassette recorder while she was in the tub. I would ask her questions and sing songs. For a long time she would listen to them before bed. Great memory.

Michael is winding down the deployment. He will be home by the end of May!

I have learned:

  1. I have been known to buy a new car when I need tires. Yes. I have done it. I needed new tires on my Trailblazer, so I car shopped. No deals to be had, although I did like the Chevy Traverse. I got new tires yesterday. 
  2. New boss in, old Bad Bad Boss moves on. I should never have to see him again, or feel the prickly hairs stand up on my neck when he is in the building. Justice.
  3. ROCO 6" x 6". Anyone, from anywhere can make art and sell for a good cause...ART. 
  4. Love is.... Remember those little cartoons in the newspaper in the 70's? My mother had some on the fridge. Michael found a cute one and sent it to Jenn. 
  5. Fabric Journey by Ruth B. McDowell. .50 cents at the monthly library book sale. 
  6. Bansky. Art Attack. Cool.


Thearica said...

I had to laugh at your comment about buying a car when you need tires... I have done that more than once over my lifetime. lol

But in defense I did have many miles on the car. :)

Loving the art you create!

Kathi said...

NickiLee has left a new comment on your post "Image Transfer Party!":

No fair! You have just tooooo much fun playing ... I'd love to learn how you do the photo transfer, all the images came out awesome!

So happy that your life has turned a corner with your job, new baby on the away and Michael coming home - WOW! What a year for you!

Big hugs my friend - I miss you!

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Posted by NickiLee to Pearl Street Road at April 8, 2013 at 12:08 PM

Emmy Hartwick said...

Really like the image transfers . . . and great news on Michael's return home in May! Sounds like Springtime will be a happy time on Pearl Street Road. :-)

Colleen Anderson said...

Kathi, sooo happy to hear that the boss from !#&%%@!! has moved on and you can continue your countdown with less stress than the previous year. Thinking of you friend!

Martha Lorshbaugh said...

SO jealous you're going to Paducah! I'm going to get there someday- somehow!