Wednesday, May 2, 2012


A bunch of charms I made for a charm swap. Used 20 gauge wire, hammered the loop flat, glued vintage paper from a Christmas Carol music booklet, added a blue bead and tied with strips of tulle, metallic embroidery thread and silk ribbon.
I used I over the top of the paper. The hammered wire acts as a bevel and stops the liquid from overflowing. Very cool stuff. I sent these off to my friend Charlyn in Mississippi and i will receive 10 different charms from other participants! I can't wait to see them. This was a really fun swap. ( I am not even trying to fix that was in the right place til I highlighted it)

So it looks like Blogger has made some changes. I cannot see the title bar now. I guess we have no choice when the powers rework things. Oh well. I will make it work!

Michael's graduation was a proud moment! He looked so nice in his dress uniform. He has lost weight and looks very chiseled and fit. He was an Honor Graduate, top 10%. He said the best part of the whole experience was gaining the approval of his Drill Sargeant who told him he will make a good soldeir. His platoon won in all competitions with the other 3 platoons and his DS won best DS. His training is in Oklahoma as well. He loves it.
(He was sick in this picture. I brought that sick home. Have been unwell for two weeks. I think I see some antibiotics in my near future.)
Here he is in his ACU's with his fiance Jennifer.

I have learned:

  1. I have so much to learn til I use my new smartphone to capacity. I have found some great Apps already....Hipstamatic being worth the price of admission! I still can't figure out how to retrieve voicemail and to have phone only on. I guess I will have to ask Siri.
  2. The Tibetan Monks are at GCC for a few days, making one of their colored sand mandala's. 
  3. My running toilet has cost me about $45 extra in my bill! Fixed now.
  4. Did I say Bruce Springsteen concert in Buffalo was AWESOME?!

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Char said...

your charms are awesome! I've posted the rest of everyone's charms to the thread, plus a couple of pics of some 'junk' furniture that made me think of you. Happy Mother's Day!!