Monday, April 16, 2012

Need Me Some Crazy Quilting....

Today I spent a few happy hours digging through stash and stitching these 2 Boho Bag front flaps. I am using the pattern from Pat Winters of  Pat Winters Gatherings blog.  It is actually a booklet with step by step pics and a lot of great information. I have no doubt I will end up with 2 very Bohemian bags with her guidance and some of my own-ness. I highly recommend spending some time looking around her blog. She is a very talented and gracious woman.
I pieced these today to take with me to Oklahoma. I will gather a slew of threads and embellishments tomorrow and pack them away in my suitcase. I have actually missed crazy quilting! I truly enjoy the creative variety that goes into a block  from embroidery, to beading, to choosing trims and lace accents. I am looking forward to making these cool bags.

Michael graduates Friday from Army boot camp! I am looking forward to seeing him. Hopefully all the bad weather stays away from tornado alley this week, wind is my least favorite element.

The Buffalo Zoo is a great place to spend the day with little ones. Sophia really loved the Carousel!

I liked this monkey...
and this alligator...

and this adorable bear....

Melissa, Dave and pretty little Sophia....

My pics are emailed to Lori for the Challenge #2 on HGTV board. This challenge entailed each participant getting a scrap bag, in the colorway of their choosing, from Lori's stash and making something from it. The kicker was that we could only add solid fabrics! No mottled, no tone on tone, no hand dyed....solids only. This was another great opportunity to come up with an answer to a specified assignment. Can't wait to see what the next challenge will be! And of course I can't show what I made yet.

I have learned:

  1. Springsteen was AWESOME! I. just. love. him. 
  2. Hilary and Jackie. Good movie based on a true story. 
  3. I want to get to this exhibit at the Holland Land Office. Treasured Wedding dresses from different era's. Maybe tomorrow.
  4. Got my mother-of-the-groom attire! Lord & Taylor was the first stop and found a great black tiered chiffon skirt and a black top with ruffle at neckline and rhinestone buttons. Matched the bargain silk  shoes I already bought. I am confident I will be as comfortable as possible while not wearing jeans!

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Pat Winter said...

So excited you are making Boho bags, the flaps look awesome. Congrats to Michael and great zoo pics. Smiles,