Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ring Bearer Pillow

Tomorrow is Michael's fiance's shower! Jen is a welcome addition to the family, we just love her. She asked me to make her ring bearer pillow...this is it! It has a contemporary-vintage vibe. I used more of the beloved vintage organza curtain found at Sally Ann's a few years ago. (I used this on my Wonder Wheel too). I will be sad to see the end of those curtains! I used it as an overlay again. Sketched the hearts onto freezer paper, iron to an organza, white cotton and red silk crushed velvet (bought at my first HGTV quilt retreat in Houston) sandwich and thread sketch the outline. Removing the paper is time consuming, as the paper bits get stuck under the stitches. After removing the paper, I sketched some more to make the outline of the hearts definitive. Next I cut away the organza and cotton layers to reveal the red velvet.
I did the same for the "Forever and Always". Freezer paper. Sketch. Voile.
I do love it. It is very me. I know Jen will love it too.

I knew I had a lot to so today with the shower tomorrow. At 10:00 this morning I had a quilt show meeting. While there, Ian was texting me about his championship game at noon...was I coming...I wish you know...the tugging at the heartstrings. I was feeling guilty...Aunt guilt. After showing Tracy J the text, she told me I had to go. She was right. These are the moments that matter to our growing charges. Off I went...knowing I would get done what needed to get done for tomorrow.
His team lost, after double overtime.
I did get done what I needed to get done.

While I was taking the pic of the pillow on my little deck, I noticed the mini rose bush I left out all winter, had green leaves. I am hopeful for mini buds now!

I have learned:

  1. 20/20 right now. Touching story about tw0olittle girls in Ohio that have Progeria. Only nine girls in the US have this rapidly advancing aging disease. Tears.
  2. I really don't like to lose at Scrabble. 
  3. Michael is doing well at Army boot camp. Hand to hand combat..check. Repel the 80' tower..check. Gas chamber...check. Graduation April 20. 
  4. Live Well & Be Happy.


Nicki Lee said...

Hey girl - the pillow is GORGEOUS! You did a fabulous job on it and it is so you - she is going to love it.

BTW - I hate to loose at Scrabble too LOL!

JodyC said...

The pillow is beautiful, great job.

Happy you went to the hockey game.

Colleen Anderson said...

Hi Kath! LOVE your sweet little pillow and love what it will be used for...your son's wedding! You do the machine stitching/scratching
thing very well!

So glad to hear you are busy and creating.