Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pat & Mike

My parents would have been married 51 years on June 25th. Cancer took my mother in November 2002, and an assumed heart attack took my dad 9 months later. They were 61 and 66 at the time.
I love this picture. Their whole wedding album is a story....a moment in time recorded on June 25, 1960.
Michael Joseph Darcy was a handsome Irish immigrant with a  thick brogue and a twinkle in his gorgeous blue eyes, attending a dance at the Irish Center in South Buffalo, where he met Patricia Elizabeth Dolan!
It is interesting to see ones parents as young hopeful newlyweds. We all have been there. It is by design I suppose that hope springs eternal while young. Thus we insure the cycle of life. All stories have their endings...my parents had hard times for sure, but what ran deep, a constant undercurrent, was a true love. I am reminded of that when I see this picture.

I have been busy. But the things I have completed I can't show you! I mentioned the HGTV Flower picture challenge a while ago. We had to take this picture...and do whatever we wanted, no rules! My kind of challenge.
All I can say is that, yes, I did interpret it.. my way! Pics emailed to Thearica. I think there are 17 women signed up. The due date is July 4th. It will be judged and gift cards awarded to various online quilt shops. How cool is that? Thearica has the magic southern accent and persuasion when it comes to getting vendors to sign on!

I love Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth infamy. Her aesthetic is to reuse, rescue and repurpose old fabrics. She is all about hand work, which continues to be what feels good to me. I signed on to take one of her workshops. It is an interesting delivery of audio, video, pictures and paragraphs of the way she attains her precious, unique and comforting pieces. There is something that hits home for me in Jude's approach. I love old fibers and fabrics as evidenced from my treasure trove of linens, wools and silks from years of scavenging at Salvation Army! Tonight I made a very small weaving from leftover bits of  a Judy Robertson hand dyed. It is approximately 4" x 9". I love it already! (No pic yet.)

I have learned:

  1. XXX Hot Salsa.  Delicious.  Addiction. But tomorrow......oh. You know. 
  2. "Cathedrals" by Jump Little Children. Weird name for a band. Cool song. 

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JodyC said...

Beautiful Photo, you should use it in an art quilt or something.