Saturday, June 18, 2011

Guild Meeting Fun!

 I got to revisit my Iron Quilter piece when Louise brought it to the NYS Quilters Consortium luncheon my guild, Museum Quilt Guild, hosted this past Wednesday!  The meeting was a success!
I made this mini quilt for AAQI's online auctions. "Slipping Away" is dedicated for my friend Charlotte's 59 year old brother, Joseph. He was diagnosed 18 months ago with Alzheimer's. Her father was also diagnosed with Alzheimer's. (A woman collects them at these quarterly meeting and takes care of getting them where they go)
These are some of the others....

This is a panoramic view of our fun day with people from near and far!

Guild meeting today! Always a highlight of a month for me. John Roll, our resident and sole male quilter, headed up this Military Pride quilt making project. We were asked to come up with some way to commemorate regional heroes, men or women that have and are serving in any branch of the military. John and his committee created this wonderful quilt that will record names, branch and years of service. Next Saturday our local paper, The Batavia Daily, will feature this quilt in an article! This is one of the reasons I love my guild!

Mary Lee showed us her life size Jesse quilt. Jesse is her son and obviously a champion wrestler. This quilt won 3rd place in GVQC's huge show! These pictorial quilts are her special niche and she has mastered the technique. If she doesn't submit these to Lark books, who is searching for picture quilts for a future publication, I will!
Martha, our teacher for the jacket workshop I took the last two meetings, finished her jacket! It is beautiful. I love the mola piece on the back. Priscilla Kibbe always has an array for sale.
Paula Schultz, from Cottons, etc. in Wampsville, NY, was our program today. She brought with her an inspiring selection of garments. Some have won various awards in national shows! The orange/pink outfit above is made entirely of silk.
Her Matisse influenced jacket. It is made with the same Vogue Geoffrey Beene pattern as the jacket she is wearing. Of course it is discontinued!
Cool pintuck weaving inserted in this vest.
For my CQ friends...a crazy pieced jacket! The back was a tone-on-tone black with a random patch sewn on.
I LOVE this jacket! Paula started a Runway Addicts program at her shop 5 years ago. The group produces garments and accessories using items and challenge parameters doled out a few times each year. How fun is that? Some of the interesting items they had to incorporate were ear plugs, scrubbies, buttons, belts, ties, keys and stamps. I want to do this!! Anyway...this jacket is a remix of a wool blazer. She cut it down, added fabric at bottom and needle felted with a machine, the wool circles.
This vest is constructed of wool bits and broderie perse type applique.
We all were truly inspired to create, which is what Paula's purpose is in this show. She loves what she does. She loves to inspire people to create. She has today! Thank you Paula for your light today!

I meandered around my limited gardens, if they can even be called that...but I am taking liberty with the definition! I need to spend time weeding again. Is there a better way to weed? I kneel on my achy knees and dig with a trowel, then pull. Ugh. Not what I want to do on a weekend.

I have a few projects/challenges I have made some progress on.
I can't talk about the HGTV flower challenge as it will be voted on. I am liking where it is going though! I may be 1/2 finished. July 4th deadline.

My textured page for Art quilt group still needs disk beads sewn on and finished!

I am expecting a little package from Nicki next week. I will have to incorporate the 5 elements into a CQ piece that will also be voted on on the HGTV message board, so no pics of that in progress either. I will be able to show you what I have to use though!

I have purchased 2 great old sewn binding books at Sally Ann's. I will be using one very soon to begin my altered book for our next RR project with the AFF's. This is a non-mostly-fabric challenge and one I have wanted to try to do for years. Fun!

I am sure there are others that escape me at the moment, but there is nothing like a deadline to motivate me, so I know I will get them in order!

I have learned:

  1. Old measuring tapes were 5/8" wide making it easy to check your seam allowance when sewing garments. Great idea.
  2. Clarence Clemons, Bruce Springsteen's celebrated sax player, has died after suffering a stroke earlier this week. The Big Man. He was the epitome of cool. 
  3. I need to find time to make it to this exhibit at the Rochester Art Gallery before it is gone July 3rd. 
  4. I won't tell you the total of my fines at the library today but will say I am sure I bought a book or two for the shelves! I needed to get the book on Altered Books out so....
  5. My studio is painted!! I am ready to move all my stuff upstairs. I guess it's time to call in those old sawhorses from Ryan. Pics soon!
  6. Funeral homes have come into the 21st century. Last night my daughter posted a link  on FB to the slideshow of pics of her friend Mo that died last weekend at the age of 29, in a motorcycle accident. Maureen left three young daughters behind. The picture/slideshow unleashed a deluge of tears for all the pain the family has and will endure. 
  7. I have been sucked in by The Voice. On demand. 

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