Sunday, June 12, 2011

Allentown Art Fest-ivities.....

Allentown Art Fest in hotter than expected Buffalo yesterday. Very few new and interesting artists. The more entertaining aspects of the day were on Allen Street, like this installation piece. I believe it was by an art teacher with students. All bike tire rims, connected and strips of fabrics woven randomly. Cool.
Violinist. Dinosaur.
Art by Blair was doing this graffiti art thing which was apparently sponsored by Ford. Not sure if painting the car was next.
And lunch at Fat Bob's. Lauren, Bob, Melissa and Cameron, joined Carol, Sandy and myself for delicious BBQ!

I must be getting old because I was so tired and achy after 4 hours walking around yesterday. I was happy to be an example to Sandy that all her aches and pains are not necessarily from her medical ordeal over the last 2 1/2 years....we are getting old! Seriously!

Not feeling 100% today made making this Nook cover a slow go. (not sure if it is sickness or just all the bad news and work stress manifesting physically.) A young man at work, one of my favorites, asked me to make his Dad a Nook cover for father's day. I knew today was the only day I had to work on it, so I printed out the directions I bought from Birdiful Stitches. I had hacked my way through making one of these a few weeks ago but didn't have the dimensions right for the Nook. I felt more confident have her instructions and pictures to guide me.
This is the front/back cover. Ted had definite idea's he wanted incorporated in this project. He found his dad's emblem from his Marine unit, emailed it to me and I printed it to a nice canvas and fused to front. He wanted the cover to be red and the Marine fabric inside.The back cover design came about when I noticed errant threads showing under the red! I fused 2 bits from the Marine fabric my friend Jody hunted down in Chicago for me, right on top of the offending threads.

I have learned:

  1. Very sad news this morning. Melissa's good friend Maureen O'Grady died in a motorcycle accident last night. She leaves 3 daughters behind. While I never knew her I am feeling the loss for Melissa and Maureen's family. So much bad, sad news lately. Makes a heart heavy.


Thearica said...

Did you think of me at lunch!! :)

tisme said...

I am sorry for the loss, I know how they feel, one of my dear friends was killed last Wednesday on a motorcycle, and I miss him.
Hugs to you
And I agree with the getting old part!! :)