Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mosaic Art Quilt...Playing

I need to get my act together for my Mosaic Art Quilt class coming up at COF retreat in April. I created 2 more 9"x12" pieces from a different fabric, but the one above is one I made a while ago. I just wanted to show something that we could do with them after they are fused to background. I used black and blue to do some stitching.
This is one I made this morning. I left black "grout" for another option.

Same fabric, different layout.
And just for fun I fused some on the diagonal to a 4"x6" hard canvas. Obviously I can't stitch on this...but paint would work.
My little art quilt group is my work-the-kinks-out class on Tuesday night. I am hoping each of them does something interesting to their pieces so I can use them as examples in April.

Melissa and Cory's quilt is coming along! I have 17 of the 57 piece nine patch blocks done, 13 to go. All of the pinwheel blocks are done. I am anxious to see it layed out. Grabbing a few minutes at my machine before work has really been productive as well as a good way to begin the day! I need to get this top done to get it to a machine quilter in plenty of time for the August 14th shower deadline.

The year-of-the-wedding is in full swing! We met with the planner at Pearl Street Grill last weekend. It was good to revisit the venue and see what we need to get done in the way of decorating. While Melissa, Michael and I were there we decided to try the pot roast made with their own amber beer brew that will be one of the three options for the reception. It was yummy! So we have the dress, the reception/ceremony set, the photographer deposited, save the dates ready to mail, shower date and tuxes nailed down. Bridesmaid dress shopping in March....invitations are the biggest project we need to tackle now. Melissa did a great job on the save the dates, I know she will come up with something wonderful for invites.

Yesterday Pam cooked her own 50th birthday dinner for me and her hubby Jim...I bought the steaks, she got the crab legs and delicious! She is a great cook. An after dinner game of Scrabble, good conversation between old friends. My idea of a perfect evening!
I am next to turn 50. Jim is the "baby"...he flips over to the 5th decade in July!

I have learned:

  1. My greyhound Dean has a cancerous tumor. He has been limping intermittently for months. The most recent bout started last weekend. Looking for things on his paws seemed logical...never found anything. Friday when I came home from work I could not believe the large lump that I saw at the top of his front leg, shoulder area if we think about how we are built. Called vet right away. They did 2 needle draws from the lump and an xray. Dr. called me yesterday to tell me he has cancer. Explained the heroic measures up to and including amputating his leg. We have decided that managing his pain is the only option. It is so hard to know what is coming. I love the big lug. 
  2. Making airfare reservations when your exhausted is a huge mistake. I realized my error when Nicki sent an email regarding her arrival time to the retreat on April 28th?!?!?!?!?What? 28th? Really? I made my reservation for the 21st! Oh no. Easter weekend? Didn't know that. Ding dong.
  3. Mumford and Sons. Good music.
  4. The Town. Good movie.
  5. I have 5 or Packers and 3 for Steelers in the shop pool for Superbowl tonight. Not good.


JodyC said...

Love the mosaic art quilt, hope I get to be in your COF class.

Wedding venue, beautiful!!! Great progress on the planning/prep it will be awesome.

bingo~bonnie said...

Kathi, you are a GREAT Momma! I wish mine had been so helpful in the planning stages of my wedding. :/

So sorry to hear about your baby dog Dean. :( I'm sure this will be hard but I think you made the best choice for him.

Love from Texas! ~bonnie