Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snowy Day

Snow. The first significant snowfall of the year never fails to invoke nostalgic memories of childhood and the truly magical play day it promised! I love the white cover, the challenge of driving in "conditions" and the sign of the holiday season. I had my first snowball hit last night! It is all good until January when that inevitable cold snap hits. Pictured is my immediate backyard. The deer actually roam there. I will see all the foot trails in the morning.

So Weight Watchers starts an all new program this month. Got all my new material for a mere (?) $35. I am committed for the next year. I want to lose an additional 15 lbs by Melissa's wedding day in October.

I was in Pier I recently and found these oh so adorable angel wings.....
Chester, the old coot cat is after these. Must be the bird feathers.

My final gift in the Homemade Holiday Swap is this awesome tote bag from my friend Elaine. I used it today to take my things to work! I love it. It is roomy enough for a good sized project or a bunch of mags!
Since I mailed my gift off before I took a pic I will have to try to copy the one on HGTV message board soon.
I am very excited to be going to the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center for the Quilts=Arts=Quilt exhibit Saturday in Auburn NY with Martha and Elaine. It is always an inspiring show. 

More tests tomorrow...oh joyous me. Probing, prodding. Want answers.

I have learned:

  1. A young man at work thought $60  to $70 would buy him a quilt. Silly boy.

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JodyC said...

eeekk!!! That looks like a lot of snow which would be perfect if today was Dec. 24th.

$60 for a handmade quilt! $60 won't even buy a decent manufactured comforter at the store.