Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Applique and Ina Randall's Art Quilts

Yesterday, after our monthly quilt guild meeting, a member of my guild gave us an applique class. This is my first applique block and it doesn't look half bad! Of course I loved the process...hand stitching. I used a thin clear plastic overlay with the pattern on it instead of on the fabric.
We had Ina Randall, an are fiber artist do a trunk show of wonderful things for program at the guild meeting. Tracy & I hunted her down at the Amherst Quilt Show a few months ago after we saw some of her very interesting and beautiful quilts! I love her aesthetic. Reusing, repurposing and innovation are a normal part of her process.
This underwater scene was arranged over a convergence (Ricky Tims) quilt. It includes painted fabrics, beading and unusual materials.
Ina bought a card she loved, contacted the artist to ask if she could interpret it on a quilt. The owl is all thread painted.
Black tulle overlays this landscape. I especially liked the twisted fabric tree trunk.
She also does traditional. Note the appliqued leaves across the top. But I love the back just as much....
I think many of us left inspired by all her gorgeous creativity!

I went and volunteered for 2 more years as V.P./Programs person. I was trying not to, but Elaine sid she would be my co-chair so that makes it somewhat easier. Two heads and four hands are better. So I best get a move on for 2011.

Our quilt show is only 2 months away. We are having George Siciliano do a workshop on Friday & Saturday and a lecture Friday night. I already have the day off for Fridays class. He is said to be a real "hoot". If you live in the wetern NY area and are interested in the workshops, there is still room!

I am almost done with my Bra for a Cause. I attached pink ribbon straps, just have to tack it to the padded hanger and post a pic. They will be displayed at GoART! all September before auction in October. I seem to have persuaded at least one person to make one....Elaine.

All quilting done on Freedom! Today I worked around Fiona who thought every time it was still it was an invitation to lay on it and nap! Just have to trim it up and finish edges somehow.

I finally finished my work on Jody's cool coffee themed CQ block. I love this piece. Calm autumn colors. Fun to do. I will get it to you this week  Jody!
The bit at the 8 o'clock-ish spot is a bit of a fabric belt I picked up at Sally Ann's. Folded it and stitched with the brass hardware left on it. I used semi-fabric vine with leaves, top. which is actually a scrapbook item. Layed that over a great lace I trimmed out to look like X's and 3 yo-yo's as flowers. Jody, this picture does not do it justice. You will love it, almost as much as you love your coffee!!

I had to include a picture of her journal that accompanied this block. She made it from paper lunch bags. I love this idea.
These are Colleen's cool front and back for her book in our Book RR. This has been the best RR. We are all on the same page (!) Each book is different and you are inspired to do good work. Colleen's style is closest to mine. I "felt" these when I took them out. I am taking her lead and gathering bits and bobs of what I love and sew them down. I want to put all my other obligations aside to work on this but it will have to wait.

I have agreed to teach something art quilty at a retreat in Charlotte, NC next April. What to do? I don't want to have a kit and have everyone do the same thing....I thought maybe having participants work on backgrounds. I have 3 ideas that could encourage further creativity in mind. I would have 2 hours, so not alot of time to get very involved. I also thought of  doing some painting on fabric techniques, much like our workshop with Barb Murak. I must develop a plan!

I have learned:
  1. To use a zip tie to make a stem for my applique flower. 
  2. Project Runway. Hmm. I like Valerie and Gretchen's work.
  3. How to make sauce from tomatoes! Yum. 
  4. New quilt shops withing 20 mile radius. Hope they are open on Sundays!
  5. I decided to have my Nancy Crow quilt machine quilted. I just can't push it through my machine. I want it to look good so I hope my friend says she can do it.

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