Sunday, August 15, 2010

Canadian Sunset

One of the gorgeous sunsets in Sunset Cove, Callander, Ontario, Canada. My first successful try at a panoramic shot. This was the day we actually had the fire going in the cottage all day. Good times.

I finally started my Bra for a Cause today. I pulled the petals and  leaves off a hydrangea stem of fake flowers and glued them to the cups of the 36C that is a specified requirement. It is still drying. 8 hours later. Humidity not conducive to quick dry time. I have a vintage butterfly motif I picked up at Sally Ann's a couple years ago that will be the finishing touch to the piece.

I broke more needles quilting Freedom. Ugh. It is thick in some places and I realized I had to take one stitch at a time in them to avoid the breakages. I defined the belly button, outlined the curves with some pebble stitching and quilted wavy lines on the red stripes. I need to stitch white on the white stripes still. I know why I don't machine quilt much. I hate struggling with the thing....mangling and rolling and pushing constantly.

I had hoped I would make more progress on various projects I have going but just couldn't get in the zone today. I was all over the place...mixing house/yard work in with some creative endeavor. I did manage to finish Jody's CQ block. She is going to love it!

I have learned:
  1. How to take a panoramic pic!
  2. "Shutter Island". Pretty good movie. I was advised to watch it just for the ending. Worth it.
  3. Lauren won "So You Think You Can Dance". 

 Here is a great little house in the Buffalo Cottage District on the garden walk. I pretty interesting sculpture on the front lawn and....

 Her backyard "lily pond" was a small built in with vintage cups and saucers. Also showcased her crocheted potholder collection and....

 this awesome painting incorporating vintage gloves!


Anonymous said...

The pond with the cups was shown on tv the week of the show. Your sunset pix is lovely. This sticky weather is not to my liking and will be happy when it moves out sometime today. Yesterday, I learned that I am too old to chase after a one year old and a four year old for more than four hours. Have a nice week and drink lots!!!!

JodyC said...

Beautiful sunset, looks like a wonderful place for vacation. Like the art walk photos too.

Can't wait to see my CQ Block, I know I'm going to love it. "Coffee coffee coffee! Coffee coffee coffee!", just a little song I sing every morning on my way to the kitchen for a cup.

Hoping you get a break in the heat and humidity.