Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mary Lee's Tiles

At my ArtCGirlz meeting tonight Mary Lee demoed a cool alcohol ink on tile technique. Very cool. It would need a special sealer but I can see how useful this could be. She made done switch light covers for her home using this idea. 
I am pondering what mixed media project I could use this in. 
You never know what little tidbit will make you think. Thanks ML!

I have learned:

1.  10 months to retirement-real-life-living!! If only someone would get prego so the count down would mean more!!

2.  I am buying an Avante quilting machine! Used. Know this woman has taken care of it and I'm so excited! Investment for my future. 

3.  My extra weight was felt walking around Portland OR last week. Give me strength to address it. 

4.  Clifford, the cat bastard, has been sneaky. He waits for the last screen door bobble to get out. Caught him. Alerts on!

5.  Think spring is actually here in western NY. 

6.  My son, Michael, was accepted into Officer Candidate School, Army. Georgia from June til September for him. Proud. 

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