Sunday, March 29, 2015

6" x 6" Party for ROCO

"Batty Bird"
My favorite one 
"#2 Bird"
"Uh Oh"
A bit of fun!
Mary Lowe had a ROCO-ROchester COntemporary Art Center Party at her cozy, mini art gallery home today. What an in-the-zone day of creativity for the friends that showed up. 
Together we made over 20 works to deliver for the very popular in person & online auction in June. 
My 3 pieces are collage on canvas board. Mary had a veritable Michaels craft store of materials to use. Haven't had a great day like this in a while. Good friends, good good, great art!

I have learned: 

1.  Riley, at 3 1/2 months, is laughing. Like a goose. He's a cool cat!

2.  Gas leaks + epic deep freeze = migrating gas = our guys working around the clock to keep people safe. 

3.  Gas leaks + melting snow = water in low pressure main/services = our guys working around the clock to keep people warm. 

4.  1000 Quilt Inspirations by Sandra Sider came in mail today. I see I sent a section of "Ice Crystals".  0596 on page 182. 

5.  My sister, Noni, at 52, started running with Beat Feet in Buffalo and she is loving it!  Pretty darn cool  sister!

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Martha Lorshbaugh said...

I have that book on my wish list as Amazon- didn't know you were in there!!!