Saturday, July 5, 2014


Sleep. Sweet rejuvenating sleep. As I grow older I realize the value of this commodity. I am not sure if I actually need more or if it's the fact that I can get more. With both kids on their own my house is all mine! I have the luxury of going to bed early and sleeping later than 6. I feel it's taken me 53 years to learn to love and appreciate sleep. Like a baby. 
Slumbering Mela. 

I have learned: 

1.  Thanks to Pam's Jim, my wifi printer prints! 
2.  Mailed an Etsy sale to Milan, Italy. I had to verify I wasn't mailing leather at post office. Apparently that's a no-no. 
3.  36 years ago today I took the bus downtown for my first day in NFG office.
So many changes over those years. Not all good. 

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Diane said...

That is a gorgeous picture of Mela, Kathi. You should definitely have that printed onto fabric.

Have a great time at the wedding this weekend. Hugs, Diane