Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dye Dye Dye

Just one of the many pieces from our dye weeekend! Julie and I spent hours mixing, dying and shibori-ing. We used the 20 yards of Prepared for dying fabric I bought from our dear friend Diane a bit ago. I can't wait to iron them up since that really makes the fabric colors vibrant. Delicious!

This was a 100% Egytian cotton sheet using the same dyes but the colors are all muted. I love it. In person it glows. 
Julie's new home is home. Comfortable, spacious and totally equipped for an artist. It is a pleasure being there. Her and Her son Robbie are easy. I feel lucky to have a friend that indulges the creative urge so like me. Great things shall come of it!

I have learned:

     1.  I love dying! Thanks to Julie and a class I took with Val, I am ready to do my thing. 
     2.  "House of Cards" second season. Just started. Good. Very good. 
     3.   Less than three weeks til Madison Elizabeth Everett arrives!
     4.  I have always wanted a server but the price tag too steep. Thanks to an old boss, I will have one. His wife is downsizing as they prepare to move to Florida upon his retirement soon. 
     5.  My Nancy Crow quilt didn't get into AQS Chatanooga show. But I do get to mail Ice Crystals to AQS Grand Rapids, MI, this week. 

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