Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nancy Crow Quilted~!

Three years ago I posted this quilt, unquilted, on my blog. It is now quilted! Val Schultz, of Mountainview Quilting, did the awesome straight line quilting with threads that coordinated with the colors in the quilt top.
This quilted piece has met and exceeded all expectations. You can see the quilting better on the reverse. I am beyond pleased~!
I made this quilt in 2010 at QBL in Nancy Crow's class.  I will be facing it using a method I learned from Diane this past week.

Michael and Jenn are safely back home in Fort Campbell, after almost two weeks in town. I loved having him around, but am glad he has a good place to call home.

Mela Ann Zaporowski is holding her own. Melissa has not shown any signs of delivery yet. We have two weeks til the due date. I am so anxious to see her face and hold her in my grandma arms!

QBL quilt show today. Saw a few pieces that were inspiring, otherwise a waste of $6. Good time with good people saved the day. And more Marcia Derse fabrics for my stash!

I did manage to do a bit of machine quilting on my Big Leaf piece today. I added some pebble stitching to the linear leaf quilting. Looking good so far.

I picked up a copy of City of Lights yesterday. I don't normally reread a book since there are enough books that should be read, but this is a local story of intrigue and mystery. I thought I read it was to be made into a movie. I shall research that part.

I have learned:

  1. Orange is the New Black, a Netflix original, is very good. 
  2. Screenprinting will be part of my repoirtoire soon!
  3. The Heat. Funny. Curse words work on a laugh scale.
  4.  The Head & the Heart in Rochester August 1st.


JodyC said...

LOVE your quilt!!!!! I think my "Guilt Bin" quilt needs to be quilted like that.

JodyC said...

I LOVE your quilt, I think my "Guilt Bin" quilt needs to be quilted like that.