Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mono Printing etc

Mono printing adventures today! I recently acquired a large mono printable surface and wanted to see how user friendly it was. It is very user friendly! On a whim I grabbed tubes of acrylic paints I bought at Michaels recently, the boards and some canvas and had at some mono printing. I love the imprint of my hand made circles. The time I spent inking up the surface's was well worth it. I love every one of the pieces I turned out.

I made 2 wonky star blocks too, to even out the blocks my art quilt group made for Michael while he was deployed. I will sew together and quilt to get it to him asap.
This quilt is a labor of love and concern from each of the blocks makers. I truly appreciate it and know Michael will too. It will be wonderful.

I also completed Connie's RRRR for guild within two hours of the guild meeting! My row is the hexi flower row at the top. Isn't this quilt looking awesome?! I know Connie will love it.

I subscribe to Linda and Laura Kemshall's DMTV. They work on and from their sketchbooks all the time. I decided today to work up a very quick collage using what was immediately around me. I used a Pennysaver, a bit of envelope from a bill, some acrylic paint and a bit of Marcia Derse fabric. I plan to try to do one a day for however long. I want them to be spontaneous.
Good day of mono printing, collaging, sewing and designing. Just what a good Sunday should be!~

Yesterday, after the wonderful guild meeting, I made a stop at Sally Ann's. I found this Old Navy t-shirt with the skeletal outline of a hand on it. I love it! I want to enlarge it and thread sketch it. It was a good day at Sally Ann's. I got a velux blanket for $4.99, a great summer cover up. Jeans for $2.50. You just never know when Junking will be rewarding.

Hillside Inn, in Wyoming, NY, is for sale. The selling agent is part of our quilt guild. We were able to  meet an picnic there and tour the site yesterday, thanks to Emmy. It is gorgeous. I could live there! For $699,000.00 it can be yours! We all see it as a quilt retreat destination. If only.

This is only one of the chandeliers in a bedroom. I lay on the floor to get this pic. If  I hadn't done that, I wouldn't have seen the star shape of the chandelier.

This cover was just too cool to not get a picture of! I assume it is for the septic, but who knows. This home has connections to the underground railroad. "The American Home" is about this property. Fascinating.

Last night I decided to take a nap at 7 PM. I woke up this morning at 6! I have been feeling tired all week. Not sure why. Heat. Age. Whatever. Felt good to sleep.

I have learned:

  1. How to shuck the hulls from wheat and chomp on the nut. MMMmmm.
  2. Check out this textile site. Really cool stuff.
  3. When I take a hot bath, Clifford, my special cat, loves to drink the hot water. I guess it's like hot tea for him?!


Thearica said...

Why can't that property be near Tennessee.. It is perfect for a retreat center!

Martha Lorshbaugh said...

That is a GREAT pic of the Hillside- looks like a postcard.

Pat Pauly said...

As soon as my studio is set up, you are welcome to print along. Like your start!

Pat Pauly said...

As soon as the studio is set up, come over and print a bunch.
Nice start!