Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Challenge #2

I participated in the 2nd challenge on HGTV message board in which Lori stashbusted and sent all of us a bag full of scraps in our chosen colorway. Of course, I chose black. I am very dark! She did include some white as well. The challenge was to use the scraps and only solid colored fabrics to make something quilted. My first idea was to improv piece 3'' X blocks. They were not working. Then I received an issue of Quilting Arts in the mail and read the article on quilt block therapy and knew I would use this technique of sewing strip blocks, slicing them willy-nilly and inserting a strip of color. This allowed me to use the smallish scraps too. When I put them together they resembled buildings. Why, you may ask, did you choose snot-gold-green as Mary Lee calls it, for the "sky"? Why not? I love the color and it was solid....adding the red strips gave height and definition to the skyline and much needed contrast. Since the green is a linen, I knew I wanted to do some of the Kantha stitching I love on it.
The buildings were machine quilted in close stitching lines.
This project was a fun exercise in creativity.
I call it "Smog"

Michael comes home for 10 days on June 2nd. Which is good since his wedding is the 8th. He will be going to Fort Campbell, Kentucky on the 11th or 12th. So much happening this year! He is looking forward to being home for a little bit. I do miss him being around. Maybe he can take a turn on the mower and weed whacker for me.

Guild day this past Saturday. I missed last month since I felt it more important I be in Oklahoma for Michael's boot camp graduation! I felt like I had missed so much in one month! We had Mary Diamond with a trunk show and a workshop on threadpainting after. Her work is beautiful. She has been published in books and magazines, showed in national shows. A retired high school teacher, she is very gracious. I will have pics soon.

I have learned:

  1. Connor broke up with Darcy today. 7th grade heartache.
  2. Refinancing is the pain in the arse I thought it would be. Appraiser came last week. I washed the letter from the bank's lawyer asking me for more info. And of course the rate is .3% lower than my lock-in rate. 
  3. Today would have been my dad's 75th birthday. I actually miss him more now. 
  4. I love my iPhone. I do need some tutoring on the music opportunities though.
  5. I need Pillar & Post....massage, outdoor hot spring in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada. 
  6. How cool is this light from Apartment Therapy? I love it.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


A bunch of charms I made for a charm swap. Used 20 gauge wire, hammered the loop flat, glued vintage paper from a Christmas Carol music booklet, added a blue bead and tied with strips of tulle, metallic embroidery thread and silk ribbon.
I used I over the top of the paper. The hammered wire acts as a bevel and stops the liquid from overflowing. Very cool stuff. I sent these off to my friend Charlyn in Mississippi and i will receive 10 different charms from other participants! I can't wait to see them. This was a really fun swap. ( I am not even trying to fix that link...it was in the right place til I highlighted it)

So it looks like Blogger has made some changes. I cannot see the title bar now. I guess we have no choice when the powers rework things. Oh well. I will make it work!

Michael's graduation was a proud moment! He looked so nice in his dress uniform. He has lost weight and looks very chiseled and fit. He was an Honor Graduate, top 10%. He said the best part of the whole experience was gaining the approval of his Drill Sargeant who told him he will make a good soldeir. His platoon won in all competitions with the other 3 platoons and his DS won best DS. His training is in Oklahoma as well. He loves it.
(He was sick in this picture. I brought that sick home. Have been unwell for two weeks. I think I see some antibiotics in my near future.)
Here he is in his ACU's with his fiance Jennifer.

I have learned:

  1. I have so much to learn til I use my new smartphone to capacity. I have found some great Apps already....Hipstamatic being worth the price of admission! I still can't figure out how to retrieve voicemail and to have phone only on. I guess I will have to ask Siri.
  2. The Tibetan Monks are at GCC for a few days, making one of their colored sand mandala's. 
  3. My running toilet has cost me about $45 extra in my bill! Fixed now.
  4. Did I say Bruce Springsteen concert in Buffalo was AWESOME?!