Monday, November 26, 2012

Just a Leaf

A pretty picture, taken a few weeks ago, before the snow covered them this weekend. Not a lot of snow. 

Had a great time with family in Cincinnati. Thanks to my cousin, Tracey and her husband, Tommy, for the delicious dinner! Aunt Terry and Uncle Sam came up from Florida and Jenn drove up from Fort Campbell. We sat out on the patio, a perfect day.

Jenn called yesterday to tell me Michael fell off a Max Pro military truck. He told her he bruised his hip and cut up his hand. Those trucks are over 6' high. I haven't heard from him, so I don't know how it happened or how serious the injuries are. I am sure I am over thinking this. I do that. 

Hoping tomorrow is a more productive day. 

I have learned:

  1. My foot fibroma's are not shrinking yet. Keep applying the Verapamil as directed.
  2. How to kill a zombie, thanks to my 15 year old nephew, Ian. Apparently going through the cerebral cortex is involved. This is unofficial I might add.
  3. Using YLI silk thread to quilt on my ice crystals piece. Like the thin line. 
  4. IKEA. Love that store.
  5. "Luther", another BBC detective show, is cinematic. Excellent show.
  6. My friend, Emmy, has posted a few youtube videos showing some chipboard books she has made. Take a look. Nice work. 

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Thearica said...

The chipboard book is fabulous! Thanks for the link!

Hope Michael is going to be ok!