Monday, January 30, 2012


......finished. Remind me never to volunteer my sub-standard traditional quilting skills again! (the white schmears are snow falling in front of the quilt) My friend Thearica organized this annual raffle quilts for Ronald McDonald House and in a weak moment I thought, I can do this. We had to use black and white and one other color and the mantra "my bowl is full of _______" I said "pennies". Red was the obvious choice for me. I worked diligently on hand stitching a slew of wool pennies. When they quilt was sewn together I realized most people buying a chance on a quilt probably would not "get" the handwork and pass it off to a child. It would not hold up to use. So I started a replacement. I used a pattern I got as a gift at the NC, HGTV quilt -retreat in April called Tiddlywinks. The large circles are my pennies. I cut it down a few blocks. The on-point setting was not easy for me. The machine quilting was not easy for me. The blocks were easy though! I also am not a white lover. There is a couple spots where a few stray black threads show through it. I will be boxing and shipping to Thearica asap. Next time I will send a raffle basket donation!

A "Going Away" party, Saturday, at Jill's parents house was very nice. All family.
A week from right now he will be in  U.S.Army custody. He has to report Monday, stay in a hotel in Niagara Falls for swearing in Tuesday morning at 8:30 AM. I will be running up there after work Monday to stay with his fiance, Jennifer, to be present Tuesday for the big event. More than the overwhelming concern for him, is the pride I feel for having a son that has the balls to do what he feels he must. (or'd have to know him) His demeanor suits a soldier. His mother's demeanor, not so much.

I have learned:

  1. jingoistic is a word.
  2. Bruce. April 17, Cleveland. Road trip. Jim and Pam and me.  
  3. We have not had one snowstorm this winter. Hmm. weird. 


Nicki Lee said...

You sure look like one proud Mamma! Peace be with him suring his time serving the good ole USA! We are all proud of him.

BTW - Your quilt is fabulous- maybe for the first time in 5 years I might actually win one - hopefully yours!

Thearica said...

Sitting here in a hotel room while Butch is at an equipment sale so decided to surf the web and visit some blogs.

You have to be so very proud of that young man! Sending good vibes and lots of prayer for his safety as he goes forward in his career to defend our country!

The quilt is gorgeous! Whoever wins it will love it... and I am definitely sure you are harder on yourself than need be. You do awesome work!

Colleen Anderson said...

Kath...I laughed and laughed at your post..."next time I will send a raffle basket donation"...that is what I did this year! I can sooo relate to the...not so good at setting on point and not so good at machine quilting!!!

Anyway, very pretty and fun quilt...hope I win it!

I didn't recognize your son with his hair cut off! Maybe it is his more grown up attitude...

Thinking of you guys through this. Proud of him and proud of you. Love and hugs! Colleen

bingo~bonnie said...

Kathi, your quilt turned out GRrrreat! But I do know what you mean about "remind me to never _______ ever again!" that's how I feel about Round Robins! lol

Your son and you look so happy - what a great new chapter he is about to start in his life. I know you are soooo proud! :)

Love from Indiana! ~bonnie