Saturday, October 29, 2011

Altered Book Pages

I have been slowly working on Nicki's Lace book pages. She left off on the left with her page and my first page is on the right. We had to use lace. Harder than I thought it would be! I painted the background of each set of pages with oil paints. Blue is her favorite color. I used a stamp and silver ink over painted background, added overlapping rows of lace trim, lace and sequined butterflies, a magazine ad butterfly and a rhinestone butterfly off a pair of sandals from Salvation Army.
My other two pages are more me, with some lace additions. Since Nicki mentions the beach on one of her pages I asked Melissa, on one of her grocery shopping forays for me, to find me a vintage beach themed greeting card. I love this one! Fun, colorful and cool! The top half of the page has a sheer fabric under the sunny lace motif, with a sun pendant glued on top. Another vintage lace strip runs over the pic, and Nicki's own hand dyed lace circles down the side. I cut the words "such good friends" from an old book.
The right side has lace across the bottom, a card from an old game and a few bits I made into tags.
I am still thinking of stamping some words.
Was fun to work with materials I may not choose to use. That is the best part of doing these RR's. You are challenged to do more with your imagination!

Melissa gave me Jody's book to work on. Jody, her mom, me and Melissa are doing a RR! I love seeing what Melissa comes up with!
Jody's theme is women in literature and her colorway is mostly eggplant and other shades of purple.

These are the two page spreads Melissa did. Love the pockets made from torn pages and the addition of the brads. She used a silver wash over her pages to give them a really shimmery effect. It's great. I picked up a few sheets of scrapbook paper that will work here. I don't have a plan for my work yet.

Michael has turned 23 this month. My baby is getting old. Last home football game tonight. Senior night, so we all have to do the walk to mid-field with him. Hope it doesn't snow!

Each recent day has been passing in an overworked whirl. We are so short people at work that I am being sent out doing jobs that are time sensitive,which leaves all the other tasks I am responsible for not done. I am frustrated every day at work. I have never experienced, in over 32 years, such sloppy, on the fly supervision/management. Makes everyday a misadventure. So needless to say, I am tired and ragged and my plantar fasciitis is not getting better.
BUT, my podiatrist has confirmed my insurance company pays for an innovative procedure called Radial Shock Wave Therapy. I need to get the requisite physical therapy sessions out of the way and we will be able to get approval for the treatments. I am hopeful this will work. I walk most of my day at work and walking in pain sucks.

Elaine is working on an art show to be held at her church. I believe it is next weekend. Jen, Michael's girlfriend, is an artist. She paints. I have four of her paintings for the show. Gorgeous!
They are truly wonderful works of art. My pics are a bit distracting with the shine of the light, but you can still see the depth of color.
Love all of them!

I have learned:

  1. Silver Lake has a perfect retreat center for a guild quilt away. Asbury Camp and Retreat Center, right on the lake! Tracy and I toured it this week. 
  2. Anne Rivers Siddons new book Burnt Mountain. Weird. 
  3. My library has a coffee shop/cafe in it now! So new it isn't even mentioned on their website. 


JodyC said...

Melissa did a GREAT job on my book, I LOVE IT!!!! Does not look like this is her first altered book, can't wait to see it in person.

Martha said...

Those paintings are amazing!!