Sunday, January 9, 2011

More Bulls Eye Fun

These are so fun! I love stacking the fabrics and cutting away layers to reveal a funky bulls eye block. I plan to make more, then quarter them and figure out some awesome composition with all the bits! The blocks are 6".
I have been under the weather this past week...I lost the battle, the vitamin C did not ward off the cold. It is still lingering in my head but finally feel better.
Yesterday I spent the day at Tracy's sewing and chatting and eating great soup! We decided to get back on track with the Jam & Jelly quilt we started back in September. After reacquainting ourselves with it we did manage to get in the zone. I made 40 9 patch's and 3 pinwheel with border blocks. I made 14 more 9 patch's today. Only 96 of them to go! I am working on improving my 1/4" seam with my Bernina 37 foot!
HGTV message board started up their Friday Night PJ Party lessons again. We made a scarf! I love it. I used some of my "fabrics" from Nancy Crow class. Here it is before I put the flannel backing on and washed it into soft submission!
I wore it outside today and it is so warm and cozy!

I have to say I feel so January. The cold, the snow, the cold and the work of it all. I'm just saying.

The Steampunk CQ RR has officially begun. I mailed my block out to Meg on Monday. I have Colleen's block and have already done quite a bit of stitching on it! I have to figure out when to stop since 3 other ladies have to work on it too! I reused another winged heart from my challenge piece 2 years ago...I placed a cool black charm over the heart and wooly bits under to ground it.
I stitched the grids with random X's over them....for a little bit of gritty. The blue and ruffle at bottom is 2 ribbons attached with french knots.

I have learned:

  1. The year-of-the-wedding has begun, 9 months from from next Saturday. A gestation away!
  2. Michael graduates from St John Fisher in less than 4 months. 
  3. Gas. $3.29 in Batavia. 


JodyC said...

Love the bulls eyes and your scarf. Aren't these scarfs fun!! I made a 2nd one today, it is in the wash right now. Mine kept me comfortable at the Dog Park yesterday and today.

Wedding count down, it will be fine, been there done that and survived :-) Everything will be perfect and work out the way it is suppose to be.

Elaine said...

Love the scarves!!!! Love the bull's eyes also.

The price of gas is sad!

tisme said...

Kathi, I have that quilting arts mag, and loved the idea! I am going to have to give it a try, now that I see yours.