Monday, June 8, 2015

3843 Pearl Street Road

The pic is not so great. Sorry. 
I made this quilt for a challenge, My Piece of the Universe. This is an aerial view of my property on Pearl Street Road. The blue mono printed fabrics are my house, garage and shed. The line of blue up top is a natural drainage steam for my town. 
The trees are the reddish hand dyed fabrics. I am fortunate that my 6 acres are filled with trees. 
Making this was fun every step of the way. I used my mono prints, rust dyed and discharged fabs. 
I will happily look at this hanging in my living room for a long time!

I am still recovering from the pulmonary embolism. The blood thinners are providing multiple contusions from simple bumps! Fatigue still an issue. Improving though. 

I have learned:

1.  Riley Michael, 6 months today, is one rock away from crawling!

2.  I sold a piece this weekend! An unfinished, but still cool piece, of Mela. 

3.  No more YouTube on Netflix. Sucks. 

4.  These woodchucks. Under my house. 
One day I'll come home to them sitting on my couch. I must address this. Ugh


Emmy Hartwick said...

Nice piece. . . and as for no YouTube . . I know! It happened with Direct TV too. Araugh. I used to love watching videos on the TV!

Stephanie Tjhung said...

Get a Chromecast. You can cast anything from your phone, tablet or computer to your tv.