Saturday, November 15, 2014

My "Green" Challenge Project

These are part of my current project. Tea bag papers. Used tea bag papers. Thank you Martha for supplying 99% of these. I am loving the organic look the papers have when sewn into hexi's! Yes, that's right. I am certainly intrigued by those little buggers. I fuse two papers together for a more substantial "fabric" and have sewn approximately 100 3/4" hexi's together already. They have a honeycomb effect.. Thinking how this project will turn.

I am feeling stagnant creatively. Not sure why. Need a challenge. My friends Julie and Val are running two challenges due in early 2015. One is Faces.  Faces that matter to you. I have 3 photo to fabric prints of very dear faces, and many ideas to make them whole. The other regards your universe. Must include black. Not hard for me, since black is my neutral. I know what I want to do for this also. Fleshing out these pieces is my next step. Hope this gets me back on track.

I have learned:

1.  Homeland, third season. So far worth the $19.99 price tag.
2.  15 months from today....I will retire!
3.  Save A Lot today. I know I did save a lot not shopping at Tops.
4.  Jagger Michael Zaporowski will be born in 23 days!


Emmy Hartwick said...

Can't wait to see the finished hexis!:-)

Thearica said...

I have posted the new Dare To Be Ugly Challenge... :)