Thursday, September 11, 2014

Japanese Coins

I love this quilt! The Japanese fabrics are so beautifully muted. I wanted to highlight the colors so using black was a no brainer and it is my neutral. 
I believe it was my friend, Nicki, that sent me the Giesha girl scarf quite a while ago. She was perfect for this piece. 
After taking Jacquie Gerings Craftsy class, Quilting with your walking foot, the serpentine stitch was meant to be quilted on this quilt. 
If only I had a large enough wall tomhang this piec on. In the right room it would be stunning. 
Now to face, sleeve and label it for my guilds quilt show third weekend in October!

Melissa, Mela and I spent 8 hours at Mercy Hospital Tuesday night. Melissa had been sick for a few days and was severly dehydrated. 3 liters of intravenous fluid later she was released. Baby boy was checked out...he's 27 weeks now and active! All is swell now. 

I have learned:

1.  "Forsaken" was declined by Q=A=Q at Schweinfurth in Auburn NY.  I was I. Good company....280 others received their letters too. 77 artists will comprise the show this year. I WILL get a piece in there one day!

2.  Michael's deployment has been postponed til February. I will take that and cross the next bridge at that point. On another note, he graduated today from Fries/Spies Master Air Assualt school today. This from the boy that was afraid of Ferris wheel heights. 

3.  Mela is all about the walking!

4.  Madison is all about the slumbering!

5.  Homegrown peaches soaked in brandy. Mmmm. 

6.  Missing CQing. Starting a small mermaid piece for a friends daughter. Love. 

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Thearica said...

I love that quilt! Girl, you are so talented!