Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Flower Quilt

Here is a pic of my little Flower challenge piece. After a week of deliberating judges the results were posted on HGTV message board last night. I was so anxious to see the interpretation of each participant of this picture....
Well, I was excited to see awesome-ness!
Thearica posted all the participants quilts on her blog. You have to check these out!
My friend Colleen made my favorite. I covet it! I know she won't mind me posting her quilt. I just LOVE it. If I were a judge, this would have been my 1st place choice.

I used the Susan Carlson, Serendipity Quilts book method I talked about a few times. Using watered down glue and scraps, in my case I used squares and rectangles, to make my green and purple background. I decided those garage doors had to go, but kept the iron fence element by stitching black lines. The limb is cut from a batik...the flowers are vintage chiffon scarves....the green silk leaves are from silk blouse...and a little thread painting.
Tulle lays over the background to soften it and make the limb appear in the foreground. I had fun being challenged by this. I was actually wondering why I signed on when the original picture didn't spark an idea. I am thinking it is Thearica's southern persuasion....and the prizes she so deftly procured! One of which I won. I   was honorable mention...which is like 4th place. I won a laser cut John Flynn quilt kit! I am pretty excited about this. I don't know if I will get a choice or if they will just mail one to me, but I will find out!

I have made my CQ block with the bits of fabrics included in Nicki's challenge packet. That spiral fabric was a bear to figure out how to use! That IS the challenge! I have begun stitching, so will see where it goes by the due date, 9-1-11.

The last week and a half has been one thing going wrong after another! My Trailblazer's manifold cracked to the tune of $409. My hot water tank needed a $169 repair. Yesterday after work my car was turned off, keys out of ignition but the blower inside for air was still blowing. Hmm. Can't be good, this. On down the road to my trusty mechanic....he pulls out some resistor behind the glove box...melted and wires exposed. Not good. I have no air and no blower until the part comes in. To the tune of ???

I have learned:

  1. How to relight my hot water tank. I was scared, but I wanted hot water, if only for a little while, more.
  2. Silver Lake is a hidden gem! I want to be there. 
  3. Rescue season, starts tonight. I know, but I like Denis Leary. 
  4. Independent Health made an automated call to me to remind me I am overdue for my colonoscopy. Oh joy.
  5. Melissa's wedding is 3 months from Friday! I have much much work to do!
  6. Apparently the new shovels we are stocking at work are "women's" shovels. So said old Jack-the-drain-tile installer today. Ha!
  7. Thearica will be loading my Nancy Crow quilt onto her longarm tomorrow! She is a spectacular machine quilter. I asked her to use retro atomic symbols and just let go! I can't wait to see what she does. 


Elaine said...

Congratulatios Kathi!! Great news! I'm so proud of you!


Thearica said...

Sounds like you are experiencing "when it rains, it pours"... Hope everything settles down in your world soon! I know you had rather spend your hard earned paycheck on other things besides repairs. ughh

When I went home end of June, the doc told me I needed one of those "C's"!! I told her my colon was working just fine, thank you! lol

I am going to do a blog post of the challenge quilts this morning while Allie sleeps. Give me about an hour and then go check it out. :)

Dodie said...

Way to go, Kathi, you're on a winning streak!

Nicki Lee said...

Fabulous job Kathi! I really liked your technique and textures. You know me and my love of blue so have to know I also loved Colleens. I had my done but no way to send pictures - will have to post pictures when I get home.

Made it to Texas a couple days ago and now we are getting ready to head to the Devils River for 2 weeks - it is in the 100's everyday - think I will melt? LOL!

Colleen Anderson said...

Kathi! I am so honored you posted the picture of my art quilt!! I was just so excited to see all of the seeing how everyone interprets things differently. I recognized yours immediately in the challene...the cut and pieced background gave it away! So you!!! I loved how you added the netting to give dimension! Nice job.